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Sep 16, 2010


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We have probably been boring the pants off you, proclaiming our constant mission of individuality and expressing your very own style when it comes to your wedding.

When you announce that you have started planning your wedding, you’ll find that a plethora of magazines, companies, blogs, articles, friends, family members (so, pretty much every man and his dog) will try to thrust their opinions on you in terms of what you can & can’t and must & mustn’t do. How could you not listen to them, if you want to make sure you have your perfect day – is what they may want to make you believe.

Don’t let anyone bully you! Firstly, take a step back and a deep breath. Then look around your home, your wardrobe, your garden and think how you would describe your style. If you use this as guidelines for the look and feel of your wedding, you can’t go wrong.

Granted, your wedding is your chance to shine and do things differently (and much more extravagantly than in day to day life of course), so please don’t think we want you to tone it down. Far from it!

What we will say though is that you are likely to feel most comfortable if the overall theme of your wedding ties in with who you both are, rather than twisting yourselves into pretzels trying to conform to some standard you don’t agree with in the first place.

Brides and grooms to be – go get yourselves a big glass of Prosecco (or “Prozacco”, as Nigella Lawson so aptly calls it) and settle in for the night. Talk about how you imagine your perfect wedding day and make a list of all the things you have seen at other people’s weddings that you loved. Also, make a list of all the things you definitely don’t want. Trust us, it will come in helpful in narrowing down the options and, if you use a wedding planner, it will help them to get a better understanding of who you are and how to support you in getting exactly what you want.

Every wedding we have been privy to be part of has been unique and magical in its own way, but the ones with that certain special touch have definitely been those that represented the individual style and character of the bride and groom.

And if you get stuck or overwhelmed by not enough or too much information, your friendly neighbourhood wedding planners at bride&glory are only ever a phone call away. It will be our pleasure and privilege to guide you through the maze planning your wedding can be.

Until next time, be fabulous!


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