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It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently”.

I couldn’t agree more with Warren Buffett on this.

It’s not only my own commitment to delivering exceptional service that counts but also that of the wedding suppliers around me. So whenever I come across people who happily go that extra mile to do the best possible job for their clients, they go straight onto my ‘I love’ list.

There’s a range of styles and budgets and hopefully, you’ll find someone you like the look of. And if you don’t then just call me – this is nowhere near the full extent of bride&glory’s little black wedding book.

If you’d like to know more about any of the people below please let me know – I’ll be only too happy to sing their praises. And if you do contact them, please say Hi from Mrs b&g and tell them you found them here.

Keep checking in too, this list is by no means extensive yet and I’m adding wedding suppliers regularly.

And lastly, in the spirit of no commissions, none of the people below have paid to be included – they’re simply here because I genuinely love them and their work.

food, glorious food

Kalm Kitchen

I started my love affair with Jen & James (still the dishiest couple in catering) a few years ago at Jo & Jimmy’s wedding, when we effortlessly worked together as a team as if we had done for years, torrential rain ‘n all. How could you not love someone who grabs your keys to put your hoover in the car and then even straps it into the passenger seat to make sure it’s safe for me to drive?

Jen and their team are inarguably some of the most hardworking, kind and thoughtful people I have ever had the joy to meet, there is literally nothing they won’t do to make sure your day is just what you always wanted it to be. And I haven’t even started on KK’s fantastically quirky styling (they’ll need a whole new shed to house Jen’s growing stack of props soon) and the sensational quality of their food yet. If I didn’t come with ‘baggage’ (aka a husband and a hound), I’d be tempted to ask these two to adopt me in the hope that a little of their ‘Middlehurst-Magic’ might rub off on me.

Cavendish Events

One of the hardest things to convey to couples is that the staff looking after you can literally make or break your day. There is so much more to catering than ‘just’ (said in hugely ironic manner) producing good food. Liz and Greg have surrounded themselves with a team of people who will of course dazzle your tastebuds with their delicious menus and make sure your tables look worthy of a spread in Elle Décor.

But a caterer worth its weight in gold doesn’t stop there. Cavendish will look after you in just the same way they would like to be looked after it were their own event, nothing will ever be too much to ask for and they will try to anticipate what you need before you’re even aware that you do, in fact, need it. And that, my Ducks, is what makes working with them is such a doddle and why they are on the list of people I love. Teaming up with Cavendish could be one of the best decisions to make sure your wedding day is sheer bliss.


Kate Hopewell-Smith

I don’t even know where to start with Kate but luckily for me, her work speaks for itself. Insanely talented, amazingly artistic and wonderfully considerate, her photographs have taken my breath away too many times to count. She’s the kind a woman who manages to make even a freezing February photo shoot in a muddy field fantastic fun. Kate is one of my many secret ‘girl crushes’ and I’m definitely not the only one, as her busy diary is proof of.

Anneli Marinovich

Oh the gorgeous Anneli. The magic eye behind Sam & Leela’s wedding photographs, her commitment to getting the best shots is unparalleled. And there is literally nothing that can make this girl flap! She’s utter bliss to work with, behind and in front of the camera (after a mini-shoot with Barley the Doodle and me, I can genuinely vouch for the ‘in front’ bit). So if it’s the perfect mix of no-nonsense, calm and fun you’re looking for, look no further –Anneli’s your girl.

Sarah Legge

I literally just met Sarah at a glorious July wedding and was so bowled over, I had to immediately add to her my list of beloved wedding people. Now, I may be biased (I can spot a fellow ‘tigger-style’ pouncing girl a mile off) but boy is she adorable! It took me all of a minute to fall in love. Her photography speaks for herself so I shan’t even try to do her mad skills justice – combine that with a dash of ‘glint in eye’ sense of humour and you’ve got the perfect wedding combo right there.

Tarah Coonan-Joyce

Tarah is an enormously talented photographer who has been busy making a name for herself in the wedding world over the past few years. She’s charm on legs, has the most adorable husband (and cats – and you know I’m a dog person) and is the kinda gal you want to hang out with over hot chocolate with shmallows. Just go check out her website, I promise she’ll knock your socks off. I literally couldn’t be more delighted to have ‘shared’ a couple with her this year and seen her work her magic first hand.

Ed Clayton

The chivalrous Ed! Sharer of many a glass of Prosecco (it’s just too handy to have a wedding photographer live next to our local village pub), I haven’t yet had the joy of working with Ed but have gotten to know him well enough to know that he’ll go out of his way to deliver the perfect photographic memories of your wedding day. And as yet, he’s the only one I know who works with a team of stand-by photographers, that’s reassurance right there.

Lucy Stendall

I love Lucy – literally. Her eye for details is astonishing and she’s such joy to work with, she even managed to make photography on a rainy wedding day look easy. If you can get 200 people to rally outside for a group shot in a 5-minute sunny break between the clouds, you’ve found your calling as a wedding photographer. She’s still the eye behind one of my favourite wedding shots of a mother-of-the-bride, dancing in (and despite!) the rain.

Pippa Mackenzie

There’s a reason why pretty Pip is a much coveted girl – she’s one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever laid eyes on with a charming personality to boot. I once schlepped my sorry butt all the way to Harrods to hear her speak, despite an evil virus that made me sneeze so hard, I almost fainted in the pet department (classy, not). I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as her LIFE Book – to call it a wedding album would be the understatement of the century.

fleurs, flowers, blooms

Liz Inigo Jones

Where do I even start? When I first met Liz it took me all of five minutes to think “where’ve you been all my life”? She has the most wonderful sense of humour, combined with a knack for making you feel utterly comfortable in an instant. Based in her studio by New Covent Garden Market, she creates the most breathtaking designs you’ve ever laid eyes on – including one gorgeous Chuppah for one of the b&g couples last year. There is literally nothing this one can’t do, just challenge her (but don’t tell her I dared you to).

Paula Rooney

Paula is one of those people who can give proper hugs. This may sound strange but trust me, someone with that kind of warmth is exactly the sort of person you want to work with on your wedding day. Her floral magic is ethereal and stunning without being too imposing. And the way she marries visuals with scent is unparalleled. I’m still swooning over her display at a ‘Brides the Show’ event – flowers, succulents, grapes, apples ‘n all.


Oh my gaaaaawd, there’s just so much I could say about the insanely lovely Gayle, it’d bore the proverbial pants off you. Please excuse my utter inability to use ‘proper’ terms but I’d describe her style as earthy and natural (that girl loves a bit of moss and some twigs) and almost ethereal. Her displays often feel like they could have come straight out of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. And damn, does that girl work hard! Just don’t steal her ribbons or you’ll be in trouble.


The delicious Rebecca and her perfect little studio. If you can do with tulips what Rebecca did for one celebrity couple (I’m keeping schtumm), you deserve to be called a wizard(ress). Someone who starts the day with a frothy Cappuccino gets my vote any time, especially someone who takes time out of her insanely busy schedule to show me how to perfectly pin on a buttonhole or two.

dresses for brides & maids

Johanna Hehir

There is simply no end to Johanna Hehir’s extraordinary talents. Her designs feature beautifully clean lines yet with a slightly romantic touch to not make them too ‘stern’. And not a meringue in sight! Her collections reflect the very different tastes (and budgets) of modern brides perfectly and I’d be surprised if you didn’t find a frock or two to make you swoon.

Anna McDonald

Anna’s bridal boutique in Thame is a treasure trove to behold. She has a wonderfully warm way about her that will make you feel at ease the second you step into her boutique, and I’m not just saying this because we share the same name! She has chosen her collection with the same love and attention to detail that she will put into finding just the right dress for you.

Maids to Measure

When I first met India & Sinclair, the brains behind M2M, a couple of years ago, I couldn’t believe no one had come up with this genius idea before. Luckily for all ‘maids’ out there, these two did and boy do they do it well. They’ve literally taken the old-fashioned version of a bridesmaid’s dress and shaken it up enough to make it cool. No more trying to squeeze your girly posse into the same colour or style, regardless of whether it suits their shapes and complexions. With M2M, you can have the best of both worlds and your maids will have a dress they’ll be proud to wear time and time again.


Abigail Warner

I met Abbey at the Designer Wedding Show a few years ago – love at first sight! She’s charm on legs and her designs are just divine. In her own words, her and the AW team are textile lovers, typography geeks and letterpress lovers and will go out of their way to make sure you’ll love your wedding stationery for decades to come. And she’s fun! So much fun, in fact, that I sometimes wish I could just move into her studio from time to time.


I had the privilege of visiting the Hello!Lucky mothership in San Francisco a couple of years ago. Pure bliss! I’d like to challenge you to NOT find something to suit your taste at this stationery heaven. Flat printing or traditional letterpress, bespoke or pre-designed – it’s all there. Ian, who runs the UK office, has got be the tallest, funniest and most enchanting tape-gun-playing stationery queen I’ve ever met. You’ll be in the safest of hands, I promise!


The Photo Emporium

You must think I’ve got a whole lotta love to give (which I do, actually), but these guys rock – and I’m not just saying that because I had the pleasure of working with them on their wedding day not all that long ago. Tyson & Vic are the most charming photo booth proprietors you’ll ever meet and their booths are too school for cool. I mean seriously, an airstream trailer? Epic. And, as you may know, I don’t really do ‘twee’ but even their picket fence style ‘garden booth’ had me clap my hands in delight. As Tyson literally is cannot sit still, I have no doubt that they’ll be adding a whole new amazing array of booth ideas to their portfolio soon.

Say Fromage

I worked with the team at Say Fromage a few years ago and have just had the pleasure of doing so again. If you’re looking for a more old-school, sleek and compact photo booth, you’ve just got lucky. I couldn’t recommend them more highly for their professionalism and customer care that goes beyond ‘the usual’. Always quick to respond, über-cooperative and simply a doddle to work with. Throw in decent hire rates and you couldn’t possibly ask for more. And did I mention the personalised backdrops? Get in touch with Tom and say Hi from me – he’ll look after you like no other.

Mr Deceptionist

This is it, I’m outing myself as not the most mahoosive fan of magicians, but that may well be because the term conjures up images of cheesy men in top hats and capes. But then theres Sav – Mr Deceptionist and someone who takes it all to an entirely different level. He’s utterly charming (and I’m not just saying that because he’s a fellow Fiat 500 owner), nothing can throw him (not even being simultaneously stung by a wasp and pooed on by a bird) and as for his mindtwisting-pickpocketing-cardsharking deceptions, you’ve got to see them to believe them. Snap him up before he disappears in a puff of smoke.

Sensible Pencil

I’ve seen my fair share of wedding and event entertainment and it’s not always that easy to find the right mix of talented, professional and at the same time capable of handling a bunch of overexcited wedding guests. Chrissy was all of the above, and then some. His caricatures were just genius and I still can’t get over the speed at which that sensible pencil of his raced across the page. Always a crowd pleaser and *such* a cool memento for your guests to take home. An alternative to investing in favours, perhaps?

Liquid Strings

The dashing Brian Lee and his fabulous treasure trove of talented musicians. Whatever you’re looking for when it comes to music, Brian will be abe to help. He’s charming, courteous and professional – no matter how many location changes, dancing children or delightfully boisterous Italians you throw at him. His team of musicians are always professional, charming and talented beyond words, something I had proof of just a few weeks ago when the delightful Thom ‘sang’ the bride down the aisle.

My Fabulous Wedding Band

Oh the lovely Mel & Brad – if you’re looking for a band that’s just that little bit more fabulous, you’ll be in the safest of hands with these two. I first met them a couple of years ago when they cleaned up at an awards do, and deservedly so. Their testimonials blew the competition clean out of the water. How could they not? Anyone who has the kinds of bands on their books that not only sound a-mazing but whose members effortlessly step in to man the wedding bar when the bartenders are stuck in traffic (da*n you, M25!) gets my vote straight away.



Words can barely express how much I adore Euphoria’s designs so I’d like to take you straight to the source. Have a look at the blog post I wrote – just be prepared for the inevitable ‘I want one’ feeling! And I haven’t even started on the charming (and just a little bonkers) personality of Sarah yet. Don’t say I didn’t warn you… see bride&glory blog


Fifties Chic

Bethany is another one of those gorgeous people who makes me believe that it’s ok to be slightly OCD. Her fleet of vintage VeeDubs (Elvis the split-screen camper and Belle, the convertible beetle) has been lovingly restored and is immaculately kept. I dare you to find a spot of dust on either of the Veedubs, inside or out!


John McCormack

FJ (aka Father John) is a law unto himself – in a good way. He charmed my cotton socks off the first time we spoke and did the same with one of my couples. 12 months later and I had the sheer joy of seeing him conduct the blessing ceremony, created with love and delivered with glorious humour. He’s a must! I couldn’t be more delighted to have gotten to work with him again this year and he’ll be first in line to conduct Mr & Mrs b&g’s vow renewal.