Laura & Daniel

Mar 25, 2014


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Daniel and I would like to say a HUGE thank you for everything that you did in the run up to, and on, our wedding day. Your enthusiasm and professionalism shone through right from our first contact, and all along you filled us with confidence, both in your abilities and our own. Having never planned a wedding (embarrassingly, I don’t think we had even planned a dinner party before) it was quite daunting wading through the copious amounts of information available online and in books/magazines.

We found our venue fairly quickly, shortly followed by our wonderful photographer, through whom we also found the perfect florist and bridal boutique. The caterers were a no-brainer too, having heard great things about them from many different sources. I think we were doing quite well… We really wanted to inject our personalities into the day (which meant lots of handmade touches) and being a bit (ok, a lot) of an organisational control freak, I began to panic early on about how everything would come together. That is another thing I was clear about, I could be as hands-on and stressed out as I liked in the run up (Daniel wasn’t quite so keen on the stressed out part!), but I wanted us both to be able to relax and enjoy the day too. Our venue provided some support, though we didn’t think it fair to expect one person to take on the role of three because of our own decision to dispel with tradition. That is where you came in!

By the time I stumbled upon your details through twitter, we had already spoken to a few ‘wedding planners’ (I don’t think that title quite does you justice!) about on the day coordination and decided that this was probably a good idea. I think that by the time we met with you, we had already met with another planner who we had no doubt could have done the job but didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor of our other suppliers. You really did. First off, I attended your mini-masterclass in London which was useful, entertaining and insightful; and not only did I walk away with a bag full of goodies (your baked ones being the best, please can I have your recipes?), I also found myself on the phone to Daniel (who was working away at the time) saying “we need Anna involved in our wedding”!! At no point during the masterclass did you try to (or need to) ‘sell’ yourself; your knowledge and enthusiasm just shone through and it was clear that you were the right sort of character for us- not a clipboard (or headset) in sight! When we both met with you soon afterwards to discuss our day, Daniel was ‘sold’ too and it immediately felt as though a weight had been lifted from our shoulders.

As our plans progressed, it was great to know that you were just a call or email away. In fact, just knowing that you were there if we needed you probably meant we (and by ‘we’, I mean ‘I’) panicked less about how things would come together as we knew you would take care of everything. As the big day approached and we met you for a site visit, we had a very clear vision of how we wanted the day to run and felt that you were very thorough in your efforts to immerse yourself in ‘Laura and Daniel’s wedding day’. You were also more than delightful when we unexpectedly bumped into our on-site coordinator, who had not worked with a planner before and did not seem particularly keen on the idea!!

The week before the wedding you were fantastic in calming my nerves about the weather (no mean feat considering my temperature issues!), and all manner of other bits and pieces. Walking through everything on the phone a few days before was invaluable and you really did think of everything. Your blue print document was fantastic and perfectly articulated how we wanted the day to run.

On the day itself you were an ABSOLUTE STAR!!!  I woke up on my wedding day completely relaxed (much to the surprise of others), safe in the knowledge that you would have everything under control. We received so many comments from friends and family about how well organised the day and we would not have achieved that without you. We had the perfect day, better than we ever could have imagined it (in spite of the rain as I arrived, which actually made for some of my favourite photos). Every single detail was as we imagined it, or better. You really did take care of everything, from the tiniest detail through to the dullest tasks (like signing for patio heaters) and always had a smile on your face. If anything went wrong, we certainly didn’t know about it. Our wedding day was the most relaxed, intimate, informal and perfect day we could have imagined; most importantly it reflected our personalities.

So, thank you so much for everything, you were an absolute pleasure to work with, exceeding our (high) expectations every step of the way. If we could do it all again we would do so in a heartbeat (I definitely need a more creative career as after the past year, financial services is not quite cutting it)!

With all our love and best wishes,

Laura & Daniel