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YOU ARE AWESOME!! If it’s not too late please can I marry you instead... Doh!

So I don’t even know where to start in thanking you. Right from Leela’s wedding I knew I wanted you to be at ours, you are such a professional and yet so warm and caring and you make it seem that our wedding is just as important to you as it is to us. And then when I came to the Chapel I knew I genuinely couldn’t do it without you.

Jimmy was always reluctant to have a coordinator, he didn’t really understand, but the week of the wedding and the day before (and of course on the day) he came to realise that there was no way we could have done it without you, it would have been soggy, unhappy chaos and you saved us from that!

Thank you so much for coming down the day before, it made the BIGGEST difference to my peace of mind and it was so wonderful of you to do it, and to understand my needs. Don’t forget to invoice me!

And on the day you were so stupendous it was ridiculous! Not a single thing went to plan and yet the guests simply didn’t notice! You made so many great decisions, you sorted out so many things and you were all things awesome and organised and wonderful. I love you!! I know I am difficult to please, and that I couldn’t totally let go of the reins but imagine what I would have been like without you! Really Anna I can’t thank you enough, I genuinely think the day would have been totally different without you!

That doesn’t seem enough now in light of the day you had.I thanked you in my speech, but I’m not sure you were there to hear it. Here is what I said: ”A huge thank you to Anna who has been a god send and miracle worker and has given me the amazing gift of taking the reins and allowing me to enjoy every second of my day without trying to stage manage”.

Please keep in touch (not just about glasses and umbrellas!) I would love us to be friends in real life.

Lots of love

Jo & Jimmy xx

Lucy and Dan


We met Anna during crunch time - about a month before the big day. For couples who kind of enjoy doing the picking and choosing of florists and bands and all that good stuff, but don't like the idea of herding these many cats when the going gets tough, Anna is your fairy godmother.

We had all kinds of preconceptions about wedding planners, another reason we didn't take the leap before, but Anna is fun, young and totally on the ball - she gets any nuances of your personality and taste, can calibrate any situation so it doesn't go pear-shaped - and is now an honorary part of our family.

In the lead up to the wedding, she was on call to help with anything and everything: all the information we had in about 19 different places was collated into one document - our 'blueprint' for the weekend. My biggest worry was all the elements coming together in the morning - cakes arriving/ flowers being installed/band setting up/ dealing with family dynamics etc - just being stressed out on the actual day instead of taking it all in and making the most of it - and Anna was on hand from morning to night to rescue us from unseen disasters and oversee details. Her bridal box, which contained everything from sparklers to sparkplugs came in handy more than once.

Anna was the best wedding present we had, because we got to enjoy every second of the day we'd spent so long preparing for. If you value your love life, your sanity and your relationship with your friends and family, do not pass go, go straight to the invaluable Bride and Glory. You and your partner will have the perfect day and that's what it's all about.

Lucy & Dan


For the initiation of our services in the Caribbean islands of St Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla, we wanted to make an impact with exciting launch events. Anna was an integral part of the team that developed and delivered exactly the type of distinctive and creative events we were looking for. From an intimate gala dinner for 50 VIPs in Anguilla to a concert for 1,500 guests in St Kitts, each event was meticulously planned and flawlessly delivered.

Kieran Foley, Group Marketing Director | DIGICEL
(Leading mobile operator in the Caribbean & Latin America)


I have known and worked with Anna MacDougall for the past ten years. During that time I can honestly say that it is difficult to match the effort and enthusiasm that she puts into everything that she does. She is a very hard worker, is diligent, incredibly well organised and importantly does everything with a smile.

If she can help to organise a Formula One World Championship Grand Prix (actually a lot more than one) then she will be extremely well prepared to organise a wedding!

Martin Whitaker, CEO | Bahrain International Circuit


As a wedding photographer I often find myself taking on some responsibility for helping couples plan their day – which is neither my area of expertise nor where I should be focusing my efforts.

I recommended Anna to a lovely London couple last year and found the experience of working with her an absolute delight. The day ran smoothly from start to finish with Anna stepping in to politely and efficiently deal with the little issues that always arise on a wedding day.

My favourite memory is discovering her basket of tricks – let’s just say Anna comes prepared for everything and anything – and it is this thoughtfulness and effort which sums up who she is and how she works. Too often I witness brides and their families stressed on the big day. What they need is a bit of bride&glory.



Anna MacDougall is a rare thing, an non-bossy yet in control wedding planner.

Having worked in events myself for many years, my husband and I were looking for someone we could trust to run everything smoothly on this crazy day. With the wedding in England, us in Norway, guests coming from all over, 15 speeches, a venue with no kitchen, live music, fireworks, and a rather nutty family, I didnt really think it was possible for anyone to handle, never mind do it with the ease Anna did.

She is a delight to work with, loves her job and goes above and beyond to make you feel that nothing is too much trouble. All our experiences with Bride & Glory were a pleasure and worth every single penny.

If you would like to actually enjoy your wedding day, while someone else worries about all the details, fixes any problems and most importantly looks after your wedding and guests the way YOU would, Anna is the woman for you.

Leela & Sam Ljung


Anna came into our lives at a pretty advanced stage of wedding planning - about a month before the event. If I had known then what I now know about her, I would have engaged Anna from the beginning. She was absolutely amazing, took pretty much all the pressure off me and the all-important bride-to-be and was a complete god-send, not only on the day but during the four weeks up to the wedding.

I really cannot recommend her enough. She just fitted in seamlessly, taking charge in such an intelligent, efficient and sweet way. It felt as if a Fairy Godmother had just stepped into our lives! Bridey and Groom had done such a lot of hard work but as the day grew nearer we realised there were still millions of little complications to deal with! Everyone was feeling a bit pressured and exhausted….

Anna was so quick on the draw to take all the tensions away and very professionally allowed us to relax and enjoy the process. She is completely au fait with any kind of wedding and was also extremely diplomatic, never hassled, and just exuded a quiet confidence that all would go well.

Instead of us being a bit neurotic on the day, we could take a step back and really engage joyously in the wedding. Anna sensed our technological disabilities too!! She organised the video which Bridey and I could NEVER have done properly without her. She ironed out all the little hiccups in a fun way and was always available, quietly, in the right place at the right time.

I am so very grateful that we found her in time. Anna is a lovely, well-presented , young, married (so she has been there!) lady who will elevate any function into an unforgettable, unique, worry-free experience.”

A mother of the bride
(contact details available on request)


We would like to say how much we sincerely appreciated your help with the wedding and everything you did for us all. We had the most marvellous wedding and really enjoyed ourselves. The venue looked lovely and all the work you did on the day was above and beyond the call of duty. We have had great feedback from everyone. We certainly will be recommending you to all our friends.

Carole & Muir (bride's parents)


In the midst of our engagement bliss, my (now) husband and I woefully underestimated how difficult it would be to plan our wedding whilst we were both sitting exams and living 300 miles apart! Unsurprisingly, 4 months before the wedding, we found ourselves totally behind and in desperate need of expert help...

Enter Anna and her bride and glory magic! Anna was exactly what we needed - a cool head with tons of ideas and contacts and an incredible knack with spreadsheets, to whip our half-baked plans into shape. We had a clear idea of what we wanted but we didn't have the time to organise it and we totally trusted Anna to bring our vision to life. She knew exactly what would and wouldn't work and who to go to to make it happen - months later I still get constantly asked about our amazing flowers courtesy of Anna's fabulous colleague, Liz.

I can't express how invaluable it was to have Anna on the end of the phone when we needed reassurance, made last minute changes (rather frequently!) or felt overwhelmed. Equally, when we didn't have time to think about the wedding it was an enormous relief to know that Anna was working away to bring everything together despite the radio silence. Words cannot describe the relief I felt knowing that I just had to turn up on the day, knowing that all the little details were taken care of. We would not have made it through those stressful few months without Anna and we had the wedding of our dreams - thank you for everything!

Love, J&D


Anna was the secret ingredient in our wedding.

She made the day totally relaxing for us, and brilliant for our guests, inspiring the staff, quietly spotting when aunts who'd been drinking needed food, making a recurring problem with the loo disappear (without us even knowing about it) and marshalling everything so that the day ran smoothly, in a way that made everyone feel great.

Anna immediately got what we were trying to do with our day and made it happen with the minimum of fuss, allowing us to simply enjoy it.  We can't recommend her highly enough.

Many of our guests and the venue staff remarked on how fantastic she was.  If you're organising your wedding yourselves, but want to sit back on the day itself, Anna is the perfect co-ordinator.  Great value and absolutely lovely.

Geoff & Roma


Daniel and I would like to say a HUGE thank you for everything that you did in the run up to, and on, our wedding day. Your enthusiasm and professionalism shone through right from our first contact, and all along you filled us with confidence, both in your abilities and our own. Having never planned a wedding (embarrassingly, I don’t think we had even planned a dinner party before) it was quite daunting wading through the copious amounts of information available online and in books/magazines.

We found our venue fairly quickly, shortly followed by our wonderful photographer, through whom we also found the perfect florist and bridal boutique. The caterers were a no-brainer too, having heard great things about them from many different sources. I think we were doing quite well… We really wanted to inject our personalities into the day (which meant lots of handmade touches) and being a bit (ok, a lot) of an organisational control freak, I began to panic early on about how everything would come together. That is another thing I was clear about, I could be as hands-on and stressed out as I liked in the run up (Daniel wasn’t quite so keen on the stressed out part!), but I wanted us both to be able to relax and enjoy the day too. Our venue provided some support, though we didn’t think it fair to expect one person to take on the role of three because of our own decision to dispel with tradition. That is where you came in!

By the time I stumbled upon your details through twitter, we had already spoken to a few ‘wedding planners’ (I don’t think that title quite does you justice!) about on the day coordination and decided that this was probably a good idea. I think that by the time we met with you, we had already met with another planner who we had no doubt could have done the job but didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor of our other suppliers. You really did. First off, I attended your mini-masterclass in London which was useful, entertaining and insightful; and not only did I walk away with a bag full of goodies (your baked ones being the best, please can I have your recipes?), I also found myself on the phone to Daniel (who was working away at the time) saying “we need Anna involved in our wedding”!! At no point during the masterclass did you try to (or need to) ‘sell’ yourself; your knowledge and enthusiasm just shone through and it was clear that you were the right sort of character for us- not a clipboard (or headset) in sight! When we both met with you soon afterwards to discuss our day, Daniel was ‘sold’ too and it immediately felt as though a weight had been lifted from our shoulders.

As our plans progressed, it was great to know that you were just a call or email away. In fact, just knowing that you were there if we needed you probably meant we (and by ‘we’, I mean ‘I’) panicked less about how things would come together as we knew you would take care of everything. As the big day approached and we met you for a site visit, we had a very clear vision of how we wanted the day to run and felt that you were very thorough in your efforts to immerse yourself in ‘Laura and Daniel’s wedding day’. You were also more than delightful when we unexpectedly bumped into our on-site coordinator, who had not worked with a planner before and did not seem particularly keen on the idea!!

The week before the wedding you were fantastic in calming my nerves about the weather (no mean feat considering my temperature issues!), and all manner of other bits and pieces. Walking through everything on the phone a few days before was invaluable and you really did think of everything. Your blue print document was fantastic and perfectly articulated how we wanted the day to run.

On the day itself you were an ABSOLUTE STAR!!!  I woke up on my wedding day completely relaxed (much to the surprise of others), safe in the knowledge that you would have everything under control. We received so many comments from friends and family about how well organised the day and we would not have achieved that without you. We had the perfect day, better than we ever could have imagined it (in spite of the rain as I arrived, which actually made for some of my favourite photos). Every single detail was as we imagined it, or better. You really did take care of everything, from the tiniest detail through to the dullest tasks (like signing for patio heaters) and always had a smile on your face. If anything went wrong, we certainly didn’t know about it. Our wedding day was the most relaxed, intimate, informal and perfect day we could have imagined; most importantly it reflected our personalities.

So, thank you so much for everything, you were an absolute pleasure to work with, exceeding our (high) expectations every step of the way. If we could do it all again we would do so in a heartbeat (I definitely need a more creative career as after the past year, financial services is not quite cutting it)!

With all our love and best wishes,

Laura & Daniel


Just a little formal note to say a massive thank you for everything you did to make our wedding day so fantastic. Now that we're getting back to normality as 'Mr & Mrs C' we are starting to look back at all the little moments that made everything work - and we know that your hand was behind many of those things that 'just happened'.

Knowing that you were keeping an eye out for us really helped us to relax and enjoy the day. In short, YOU WERE AMAZING!

I hope the wedding season is a huge success for you and that your brides all get to realise how a little splash of orange really will make everything better! Do keep in touch and keep smiling.

With love and best wishes,

Mr & Mrs C


Thank you so very much for all your help and support leading up to our wedding and on the day. You made everything run perfectly and it felt like having a big sister helping us out!

Hope to see you again soon.

Love from Mr & Mrs D

P.S. You are a 'Mission Control'!