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Jun 8, 2012


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Oh do be aware, there’s a quick rant on the horizon. Things like this make me furious though, so I had to say something.

I was talking to a fantastic caterer of an upcoming wedding today, mainly to run through the schedule and make sure we are all on the same page.

I always introduce myself by saying that I am not a tyrant with a clipboard and really just an extra pair of hands to help the day run smoothly. It’s a sad sign in itself that I feel the need to point this out but you’ll see in a second why I do.

The caterer eventually admitted that she was glad to hear me say this as, from past experience whenever they had worked with planners, these had tended to appear rather inactive and pretty surplus to requirements.

How rude – you may well be thinking. I disagree, wholeheartedly. I am so glad they felt they could be this blunt and I shall do my darnedest to prove that there are wedding planners who have a much more hands-on approach.

I just do not understand how people can choose to do a job badly. Have they no pride in their work and reputation?

And what’s worse, at least for me – they’re making it SO much harder for those of us who run a wedding planning company for a living and work their combined cotton socks off to make sure their clients will do nothing but sing their praises.

Event management (which is what wedding planning is, be under no illusion) is hard graft, involves countless hours of planning and physical involvement on the day. That includes schlepping boxes, cleaning equipment, setting up venues and all the non-glamorous jobs such as picking up rubbish, clearing glasses, tidying bathrooms and many more like it.

I wish there were an equivalent for the saying “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”.

So in lieu of that, all I can say is:
if you’re not willing to do a hands-on job, don’t call yourself an event manager or wedding planner.

I have spent 22 hours on my feet on-event, come back blistered, bruised and battered – and I wouldn’t have it any other way because I love what I do.

I just hope that one day, there will be enough of us out there to counter all of those who venture into the profession thinking that it’s all about looking glamorous whilst holding a clipboard, wearing a headset and bossing people around. Trust me – it’s not.

And on this note, I’m off to clean some brollies.

Happy weekend,

— A

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