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Mar 15, 2010


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Following the old adage of: “when you stop learning, you stop living”, we thought we’d share some wedding trivia with you today.

So – you got engaged, have excitedly thrown yourself into a brave new world of “all things weddings” and will have no doubt noticed that there’s a whole new vocabulary to learn. Fear not – bride&glory will hold your hand and shed light on the most important elements of this new language.

We’ll have you fluent in “Wedding English” in no time!

To ease you in gently though, we wanted to start with a bit of wedding trivia.

As you may have noticed, the formal (or sometimes informal) meal following your wedding ceremony is called a Wedding Breakfast, no matter what time of day it actually takes place.

As always, historians can’t quite agree on the origin of the term and there are a number of different theories floating around.

One of them is to do with the time of day and the fact that, in the 18th and 19th Century, Church weddings had to take place in the morning in order to be legal, whereby automatically making the meal taken by the wedding party a breakfast.

Another theory is that, this being the first meal as married couple, it would only be too appropriate to call it a Wedding Breakfast – after all, breakfast is (usually) the first meal of the day.

Blatantly indulging our romantic streak, we are especially fond of the latter hypothesis. How fabulous, to mark the first steps into wedded bliss with a grand gesture. So whilst we’re at it, don’t forget to carry your bride across the threshold!

Check back for more lessons in “Wedding English” soon.

Until then, be fabulous!


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