wedding planner course


Cheesy as this will sound but I am at a point where I feel I want to (and can) share some of the lessons I’ve learnt over the past years. bride&glory is now in its 8th season (hurrah) and wouldn’t be where it is today if I hadn’t had the help of an utterly amazing wedding planner who set me off on the right path, fully ‘prepped and armed’ with everything I needed to know to get started.


The bride&glory wedding planner workshop is perfect for those who want to spend some time with an experienced wedding planner to help them decide whether this could be the right career choice for them – without having to commit to months of training at considerable expense.

It doesn’t ‘just’ contain the basics of wedding planning but focuses just as much on all aspects of setting up, establishing, marketing and running a small business – something that can be just a tad confusing if you’ve never done it before (dear pot, love kettle).


bride&glory workshops take place over the course of one day and there are two options:

the group workshop and the 1-to-1 workshop

Both options are based on the same format, cover the same areas and include lunch, refreshments and all course material for attendees to take home. And a little present – gotta have one of those.

the group workshop

Group classes are held in London and across the UK – for upcoming dates, email me. The course is interactive (you won’t have me just lecturing ‘at’ you) and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions but please bear in mind that you will have to share me with the other attendees and we do have a timetable to stick to.

the 1-to1 workshop

1-to-1 classes can be tailored slightly more to individual requirements and are great for those who already have a background in event management or have already started setting up their wedding planning businesses. The format is similar to the group workshop and it covers the same bases but, as I’m literally all yours for a few hours, you can ask as many questions as you like (or until I run out of answers).

how much?

The cost for a group masterclass is £245.
The cost for a 1-to-1 masterclass is £325.

bride&glory mentors

A mentor to support you and keep you on the right track is a vital tool for anyone considering setting up a business. It doesn’t have to be someone from the same industry, but it does help if your mentor knows, at least, a little about the particular challenges you might be facing.

Booking in for a wedding planner course is the only way to become eligible for the invitation-only ‘bride&glory mentors’ programme – a small group of wedding planners in the making, handpicked by me, who all share the same ethos and commitment to delivering unparalleled service and improving the reputation of wedding planners everywhere. Wouldn’t it be just uh-may-zing not to be compared to J-Lo anymore?

booking it?

To book a workshop or find out more, please email me and I promise to get back to you within 48 hours.