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Sep 19, 2012


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Remember my June rant about what makes a good wedding planner? Well, I seem to have proved the point that I am good at my job as the aforementioned (and previously slightly doubtful catering company) brought me on board last weekend to work on a seriously high profile wedding for 250 guests.

Rather than acting as a wedding planner (the couple had that covered), I was asked to help out with the catering floor service. I threw myself at the opportunity to get a proper peek behind the scenes of how to run service efficiently and to the highest standard. I may not usually be involved with the minutiae of this but having a better understanding of just what’s involved can only mean I can do my job of pulling it all together on the day better. Right?

I can honestly say that I am now in even more awe of caterers than I already was, especially the incredible team at Kalm Kitchen. Jen & James, I shall worship in the direction of the Kalm Kitchen offices daily from now on!

Doing floor service for 250 guests, all of whom have pre-selected three different main courses (never mind special dietary requirements), is nerve racking enough in itself. When I was allocated my share of 13 tables to look after, I was literally quaking in my boots.

Being able to deliver the right meal to the right guest (despite not being able to properly see table numbers and place cards and therefore having no reference to double-check guests’ names), all of which with literally no time to think in between – it very much ranks as one of the scariest things I have ever done. There was a point where I’m pretty sure I literally stopped breathing, I was running on such adrenaline.

I’d go on but we’d still be here in a week’s time so all I can say is that I am truly grateful for Kalm Kitchen to have trusted me enough to not muddle up my first ever ‘proper’ floor service. And if there’s one lesson I could pass on in particular, it’s to never, EVER underestimate the role caterers play in making or breaking your event.

They don’t ‘just’ serve food and drinks – oh gawwwwd no! If they do their job as well as the Kalm Kitchen team, every single guest – especially you, of course – will leave your wedding feeling looked after like royalty.

Kalm Kitchen’s unparalleled service, the outstanding quality of James’ food and Jen’s incredible attention to detail makes them truly special and I can only hope that we’ll get to work together again soon. Although I think I’ll stick to my own job in future – another floor service like this and I’ll prematurely age another 5 years!

If you are looking for a catering company that will go way and beyond your expectations (or more aptly, wildest dreams), call them now:

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