the haunted ruin and the snake

Jun 21, 2012


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All it took was some fantastically creative heads, a haunted ruin in the midst of a meadow, some pretty frocks, flowers and accessories and tadah – I can bring you another beautiful collaborative shoot.

The team behind the scenes deserve a bit of a round of applause: for the ignoring of the sunbathing snake, the dealing with pink knickers and the general rock-climbing and stuntwomen-ship that made for some amazing shots.

As always, I’m here in my role of behind-the-scenes-footage-taker, latté-bringer, kit-carrier and making-your-mouths-waterer.

Until the time comes when the impossibly talented Kate Hopewell-Smith is ready to share her beautiful shots with us you’ll have to make do with my amateur iPhone snaps. I promise to blog the ‘proper’ shoot the second it’s live.

In the meantime, the starring roles behind this hilariously fun shoot day were:

The beautiful make-up, heavenly accessories and overall making-the-day-happen
Carole Markham Mullett of Pretty Perfect

The power behind the lense
Kate Hopewell-Smith Photography

The lush flowers
Rebecca Marsala of Gingerlily

The stunning frocks
Ann Beggs of Ann’s Bridal Room

The rocking hair
Natalie McGovern

The tall, beautiful, rock-climbing models
Amy Knight & Anna-Lisbeth Shackcloth

The behind-the-scenes footage
Anna MacDougall of bride&glory


Kate and Amy.


Don’t ask how we got Anna up there…


From climb to shot.


Ann & Natalie top right, a fantastically smiley Carole bottom left.



From behind the scenes to shot.


Loving the lonely chair in the daisies.


My little game of getting KHS in front of the lense.


The team.

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