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Apr 6, 2013


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Oh Darlings, I couldn’t be more excited to kick off bride&glory’s 2013 wedding season with a wedding at one of my much-loved venues today, the simply breathtaking Nether Winchendon House.

Jennifer and Paul - Red Jelly

Photography by Red Jelly.

I always knew that I wanted to bring the Bridal Masterclass to Nether Winchendon House and I am thrilled that we managed to find a date and assemble a team that will knock your socks off.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be shining the spotlight on each of the Team NWH Bridal Masterclass members so keep checking back in as the secret line-up is unveiled day by day.

To get us started, I’d like to introduce you to Nether Winchendon House and the simply wonderful people behind the scenes.

Alexandra and Douglas - Stefan Zabel

Newlyweds at Nether Winchendon House – Photography by Stefan Zabel.

Nestled into lush green lawns with the River Thame running alongside, you’ll have a tough job on your hands to find a venue in a more enchanting setting, yet in a totally non-corny kind of way. Towers, arches, turrets and, one of my favourites, the gorgeous potting shed – Nether Winchendon House has got it all. The house itself has been passed through generations of the family since 1559. That’s what I call ‘proper’ history! The enormous responsibility of treasuring and caring for Nether Winchendon House now rests firmly on the shoulders of Robert and Georgianna Spencer Bernard, who call the house their home to this day.

Wedding, Wedding, Wedding

Nether Winchendon House – Photography by Nigel Harper.

Matthew and Sam 414 - Rosie Parsons (smaller)

The Carriage Barn – Photography by Rosie Parsons.

I think this may well be one of the reasons I’m so enchanted with Nether Winchendon House. It’s not a highly polished, almost corporately run money-spinning wedding venue but a home to some truly special people who genuinely care about the couples who choose it as the location for their Wedding Day.

Meet Georgianna, woman in charge and one of the most kind hearted people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. Without fail, every one of Georgianna’s emails makes me at least smile, mostly laugh out loud. There’s a gloriously mischievous side to her, something you’ll find out soon enough.

There’s no smoke and mirrors with Georgianna, what you see is what you get. I met ’G’ at a Lady Chatterley’s Lover inspired photoshoot pretty much exactly a year ago and, upon introducing myself as a wedding planner, she surprisingly asked me how I was different to every other wedding planner and why there was the need for my services in particular. I instantly loved her for it!  Not only did it give me the chance to explain but it also showed that she was actually interested in finding out.

(Note from G:  Yes, Anna is different because she is truly interested in Wedding Day logistics and does not want to high-jack your wonderful day; Anna genuinely wants to help you to bring the perfect day you have imagined into blossom. Anna’s only concession may be that it will probably be orange blossom with vanilla honey).

This is just the way Georgianna is. She genuinely cares about her brides and grooms and goes out of her way to ensure you will feel like the most important couple to have ever gotten married at Nether Winchendon House, not like part of one long conveyor belt of weddings.

If I could, I would put my trust into Georgianna’s capable and caring hands any time to get married again. Renewal of our vows for our 10th anniversary, Mr b&g?

Need I say more? Spaces are filling up fast so to book yours here.

Check back in on Monday for the next ‘unveiling’ post.

Happy Weekend and wheelbarrow loads of love,

— Anna

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