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Apr 5, 2010


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We’re sure you’re all happily enjoying the last few hours of what has hopefully been an egg-tastically long weekend.

We certainly are, and desperately trying not to worry about the fact that we have consumed our bodyweights in Easter eggs in the space of 4 days! Eeeeeek, indeed.

Chocolate aside, we’ve also been prepping for a consultation meeting booked tomorrow. Whilst reading through the consultation questionnaire we sent to the bride- and groom-to-be, we had a thought and would – rather blatantly – like to take advantage of you, our adored readers, as our very own focus group.

We would be much obliged if you wouldn’t mind letting us in on your secrets, so we can get an insight into what  matters most to you. Such feedback is priceless for us and, without coming across all New Age, it might turn out to be an interesting exercise for you too – something to help put your priorities firmly into place in what can be a tumultuous and emotional time.

So, thinking about your wedding day: what would be the three items, areas, topics or touches you absolutely couldn’t do without or wouldn’t be willing to compromise on?

We’re not expecting essays so please don’t be deterred – quick bullet points will do perfectly for us. And, if you’d rather remain anonymous, that’s fine with us too (you can always use an alter ego email address).

And lastly, needless to say but we’ll say it anyway: your information will of course be handled with the respect and discretion it deserves and your details will remain firmly in our hands.

Write to us at anna@brideandglory.co.uk or use our contact form – we are waiting excitedly to hear from you!

Until next week, be fabulous!


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