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Apr 19, 2010



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We were going to tell you about all things vintage & retro today but found this brilliant story we simply had to tell you about, so the originally intended post has been postponed by a few days.

If you’ve met us, you’ll know that one of the big benefits of having bride&glory by your side is that we will think of (and put in place) Plan B should the grand Masterplan A fail.

Whilst we’d prefer for every single detail to go according to plan, the reality for any event is that you are dealing with humans and nature and, no matter how well prepared you are, the impossible can happen.

Cue the current scenario of volcanic ash (aka “the big plume”), unexpectedly bamboozling thousands of international travellers’ schedules over the past days.

Today, our first prize for inspiration and creativity goes to newly-weds Sean Murtagh and Natalie. You’ve probably heard about this in the news but if you haven’t, their story in a nutshell is:

he’s a Londoner, she’s Australian, they got married in Australia a few weeks ago and, en-route to London for “The Wedding – Part 2”, found themselves stranded in Dubai last weekend.

Rather than admitting defeat, cancelling the wedding and sobbing into their pillows, they came up with a brilliant Plan B. They set-up a video link from their hotel in Dubai to London, where family and friends had congregated together with the humanist celebrant, who conducted the ceremony via webcam.

The hotel rose to the occasion, decorated the lobby and even baked a wedding cake. The groom borrowed a suit, the bride threw on a pretty dress and the couple looked like they couldn’t have been happier.

This may not have been how any of the wedding party had pictured their ideal wedding day but we can’t help admiring them for their fabulously positive attitude.

No doubt this wasn’t actually their Plan B and in this case, they had to think on their feet. It just goes to show though how you should always have a Plan B up your sleeve.

And, just as important, someone to put it in place for you so you can focus on your wedding day. This can be anyone from a family member, to a friend or a wedding planner. The important thing is for you to chose someone who is 100% reliable and who stays calm under pressure.

Knowing you have a safety net in place means you can both get on with the most important job of the day: getting married!

Until next time, be fabulous!



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