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Mar 5, 2012


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Needless to say: our failure to blog has been of epic proportions! I mean, we knew it had been a while but April 2011? It just goes to show that time flies when you’re having fun – or working your cotton socks off for your adorable couples.

Our mission (and we did choose to accept it) shall be that, from hence forward, we WILL find the time to blog regularly again. And we have so much to talk about!

But to celebrate the end of the blog hiatus, we wanted to talk about something that truly, madly, deeply matters to us: who we are and why you may want us.

Over the last 12 months, bride&glory has grown out of its baby and into its toddler shoes – and we couldn’t possibly love it any more. We’ve really found our feet in the fabulous yet mad world of weddings and with that, we’ve found again and again what we know we do best.

As you may know, we do offer the full service here: from simple one-off tasks to full wedding planning. Our main bread & butter though is our beloved Day-of Coordination (DOC), also called on-the-day coordination.

Of course we can do the creative ‘thang’, make you mood boards and advise on matching colour schemes – but why would we need to? 90% of the couples we work with know exactly what they want. They have already let their imagination run wild and are putting in place all those little touches that make them so wonderful and will reflect their personalities so beautifully on their wedding day.

What they need us to do is be fully hands on, possibly with any of the following (all examples from some of last year’s wedding coordination days):

¥ Clear cat poop off wooden decking (have doggie poo bags – will tackle)

¥ Pack up a bride’s suitcase (knickers ‘n all) to set the couple up in the Bridal Suite

¥ Top up loo roll & wipe sinks (who says events are glamorous)

¥ Rescue a bridesmaid’s blistered feet with plasters (7 of them – and we’re not kidding)

¥ Fix a Maid of Honour’s broken dress strap (out comes our Mary Poppins bag)

¥ Chase a mother of the bride’s taxi up a driveway (she’d left her handbag, including house keys)

¥ String up a gazillion last-minute fairy lights to brighten up a rainy wedding day

¥ Construct an untamable 6x8ft video screen (a gloriously funny surprise video)

¥ Translate between an Austrian wedding guest and the hotel (well – if you speak German…)

¥ Speed-dry tables with patio heaters (to fulfill the bride’s wish of sitting outside once the rain stopped)

We could go on…

And d’you know, we love every single bit of it. That’s what running an event is about – at least for us. It’s not about delegating and picking just the pretty bits. It’s about getting stuck in and becoming what brides, grooms and their families need: a Go-to Girl they can rely on to just deal with whatever needs to be handled.

But don’t just ‘buy’ it from us – let our couples tell you why they picked us:

And remember as you’re counting down the days: you don’t need us on your wedding day but you may well want us there to put into place all the details you’ve so lovingly and meticulously planned for months so you can have fun!

Love, love, love,


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