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Mar 29, 2010



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bride&glory had an event in London last weekend and, luckily, we managed to squeeze in a little time for a snoop around town. No better way to keep up to date with all things trendy for our brides and grooms!

Whilst walking around, we spotted what was clearly a group of hens out on the town. That is unless we have already missed the latest trend of bunny ears, pink trackie bottoms, veils and L-plates – could this be the new black?

Of course we would never want to dissuade you from having a hen night.  Who could possibly say no to a big night out? Apart from all the usual clichés though, there are some fantastic ideas you can incorporate that will make your day or weekend with the girls even more memorable.

As you may know, we at bride&glory quite like the mix and match approach – a rationale we particularly apply to our services. Why not try that by combining your ideas for a hen night with a bridal shower.

When we think of bridal showers, we immediately think it’s a very American thing to do. But did you know that the tradition of bridal showers actually originated in Northern Europe during the Middle Ages? The story goes that the first showers were held for brides-to-be whose families couldn’t afford a substantial dowry. The Victorians took the tradition up a notch by filling a parasol with small presents and opening it over a bride’s head – literally showering her with gifts.

There are some wonderful rituals that have been passed down by older generations, which are still great fun to do whilst sipping pink fizz and nibbling fancy canapes with the girls. We love the tradition of making a bouquet out of the shower gifts’ ribbons and bows (which, rather handily, you can use as a stand-in at your rehearsal).

A slightly more modern idea is to ask all invitees to attend dressed in the most outrageous bridesmaids’ dress they were ever made to wear – and then get everyone to vote on which one was the biggest crime against fashion. Beware though that guests who know each other know who is attending so there is no risk of one of your friends parading the dress she had to wear at another of your friends’ weddings. There could be some sense of humour failures otherwise…

Why not get in touch with us so we can share all things bridal shower etiquette with you and explore whether this could be the way to go for you?

Until next time, be fabulous!



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