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Apr 8, 2013


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I am impossibly proud to unveil the first of our super-secret Nether Winchendon House Bridal Masterclass team members today.

For those of you have followed me for a while, it won’t come as too big a surprise that I am a mahoosive fan of the insanely talented Kate Hopewell-Smith.

I met Kate just over two years ago and have had a not-so-secret girl crush on her for pretty much all that time. She’s one of the most down-to-earth (in the best sense), supportive, highly intelligent and generous people I know and I am beyond happy to call her a friend. Some of the best ideas for bride&glory came from long conversations with Kate, typically involving a bottle of wine and plenty of straight-talking.

But you don’t want to just hear me swoon, so here are some facts:

Kate’s fine art background is what I believe sets her apart. She has an impeccable eye for composition and her photographs so often go beyond the ‘oh what an amazing shot’ to ‘this picture actually took my breath away’. It’s like she’s got an in-built radar for making everything come together in a way that you would never have expected.

A&A_WDG_0571 KHS_9570-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit

I can personally attest to the fact that nothing is too much for Kate if it means getting that perfect shot. I have seen her crawling through freezing mud, half way up a tree, climbing to the top of a (haunted) ruin and dangling out of a tiny boat (one of my all-time favourite moments).

I&J-0028  J&M_WDG_0367-Edit-2

Unsurprisingly, photographers-in-the-making are queuing up to get to the bottom of just how she does it. Her training courses book up weeks in advance, not just because she’s seriously good at her job but because with Kate, you can tell that she genuinely cares about and enjoys working with aspiring photographers.

And did I mention that she regularly writes features for a number of magazines and has a monthly column in ‘Professional Photographer’ Mag?

Her diary is insane so I am ecstatic that we managed to pin her down for the Bridal Masterclass at Nether Winchendon House.


Kate will be there to document the afternoon for us but that’s not all. She’ll also share some of her experience to help answer questions such as how to pick a photographer who is right for you, how much impact does the weather really have on getting amazing photographs from your wedding day (something that’s been a particular topic after last year’s non-existent summer) and how a good photographer can help to make you feel perfectly comfortable in front of the camera. She will also touch on that dirty word ‘posing’ and how some direction from your photographer can make all the difference to how you look on the day.

V&J_WDG_0237  KHS_9549-Edit-Edit

Whether you’ve booked a photographer already or not, please don’t be shy and do ask Kate any question you might have on the day. That’s the whole point of running these Bridal Masterclass events – for us all to be able to share some of our experience and tricks to make you feel supported and potentially help to make a few ticks on that long bridal to-do list of yours.

Book your space now – there aren’t all that many left.

The next spotlight will be up on Wednesday. Let’s just say it’ll involve many, many brushes and possibly some lipstick…

— Anna

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