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Apr 18, 2013


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Fleurs, pretty fleurs. I’ve got such a treat in store for you today. May I introduce, the totally amazing Rebecca Marsala of Gingerlily Flowers. And yes, she’s actually ginger – with the prettiest hair and the most perfect complexion.

me with buttonholes

Rebecca at work.

I met Rebecca a couple of years ago now (sounding like my grandmother: my oh my how time flies) and it was literally love at first sight. She is one green-fingered-floral-goddess who can turn her hand to anything.  She also taught me how to pin on a buttonhole properly – something for which I’ll love her forever.


Photo by Kate Hopewell-Smith.

A few things you absolutely need to know about Rebecca:

♥  She fell head over heels in love with Mr Marsala, left Lancashire to settle ‘darn sarf’ and in 2009 Gingerlily Flowers was born.

♥  She now calls Leighton Buzzard her home and runs Gingerlily full time from her gorgeous little studio at the bottom of the garden.

David Austin Rose bouquet on chair

Photo by Kate Hopewell-Smith.

♥  She wanted to become a florist pretty much since she was 11 years old and ‘blames’ her aunt, also a florist, for (almost literally) sowing the first seeds of love for all things fleurs.

♥  She loves working on wedding flowers! The challenge of translating a bride’s vision into floral reality is pretty nerve-racking but just as (if not more) rewarding. It also means that she is used to working with flowers and greenery on all kinds of scales and I guarantee, there’s literally nothing she can’t do.

Photo by Kate Hopewell-Smith.

Photo by Kate Hopewell-Smith.

♥  She loves unusual designs and is known for her contemporary style. She’s also not afraid to mix colours to create a little drama amongst the blooms.

♥  Most days, you’ll find her in her studio, surrounded by a team of budding florists training with her and guarded closely by Ricotta (official Gingerlily Canine).

pink headdress close

Photo by Kate Hopewell-Smith.

Care to meet Rebecca? Well, you’ll just have to join us on Sunday – we’ve only got two spaces left so snatch yours up now.


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