letting her eat cake…

Feb 22, 2011


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The past few weeks have reminded us just how lucky we are to be doing what we love and do best. The wedding industry is changing fast – and for the better, we think.

bride&glory work with a small(ish) and steadily growing range of suppliers who share our philosophy of tirelessly working with nothing but our couples’ best interests at heart.

Bit of a strong word, but do we hate nothing more than the commercialism and ‘rip-off’ attitude that’s often thrown in the faces of unassuming brides & grooms when all they do is seek help. It does nothing but to scare off the very people we depend on and taints & paints the rest of us in the same horrid light.

We work hard so we can be proud of the service we offer and get utterly over-excited when we find kindred spirits. It’s such a delight to be part of a steadily growing group of ‘wedding-people’ who keep pushing to take our industry into a fairer, kinder, more inspired and simply fabulous direction.

An example of one such group of people came together last Friday for a bridal shoot day in the tiny village of Goosey in Oxfordshire. Spending a day in the company of such talent was well worth our collectively frozen toes!

Here’s an amateur shot of the amazing Kate Hopewell-Smith ‘in action’:

For more coverage of our shoot day and ‘cast list’ of fabulous suppliers, please head over to:


Until next time, stay fabulous!


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