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Apr 20, 2012


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Tadah – you are witnessing the birth of a new me. And as you’ll notice, there’s no ‘us’ anymore.

That’s because, as a very kindly friend and savvy brand-expert pointed out to me:
‘bride&glory IS you and you represent your brand, so what’s with saying ‘us’ all the time?’

Let me explain. The use of ‘us’ whenever I spoke of bride&glory was never meant to trick you into thinking that there’s this huge business behind the brand. I’ve always been honest about the fact that bride&glory is me and that I’m a one-girl-show, with the support of some simply amazing people around me (cue Mr b&g, the official Finance Director and all those others without whom the brand wouldn’t exist).

Using ‘us’ whenever I talk about my work comes from years of working for an agency, where the message was clear: we are working as a team representing the agency and therefore it should always be ‘we’ and never ‘I’.

So it made sense for me to adopt the same rationale when I first launched bride&glory. Some habits are hard to break. I also figured that, as I was now my own boss, it would help me to psychologically differentiate between the business ‘us’ and the personal ‘me’.

Two years and the most amazing learning curve later and I’ve come to understand that, once you launch your own business, there IS no difference between the business and the personal you. It’s all the same thing.

I have literally become bride&glory – so much so that whenever Mr b&g calls during the day, he just calls me bride&glory. He just knows that, next to him and our mad dog, b&g is the 3rd biggest love of my life.

Cue the time to take pride in my small but perfectly formed business and start talking about me and bride&glory as what they are: one thing.

I’ve rewritten the content of this website to reflect this and hope it will make you feel like you’re getting to know me personally more so than feel like talking to a corporate brand.

I’ve also developed bride&glory’s strapline to reflect one of the biggest lesson I’ve learnt since starting out:
more than anything, bride&glory’s brides and grooms want someone they can offload anything they can’t or don’t want to handle themselves on to – a bonafide Go-to Girl for all things weddings.

I’ve also (at last!) added a section for wedding suppliers I love. It’s just a start though. I have so many more suppliers I’d like to tell you about, I simply ran out of time this week. Keep checking back in regularly for updates – there’s a plethora of incredible wedding people who deserve to be mentioned.

Other than that, bride&glory’s ethos and services haven’t changed and my mission is still to de-frazzle the brides and grooms of the UK.

And with that, I shall let you have a look around. I’m off now for a celebratory glass of Prosecco.

Love, love, love,


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