hurray – a celebration of individuality!

Nov 17, 2009


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bride&glory were amongst the lucky few to have been invited to the inaugural State of Grace bridal event at the exclusive (and staggeringly beautiful!) Home House in London last weekend.

State of Grace

State of Grace is the brainchild of founder and director Lucia Silver – formerly of cult Notting Hill store “The L Boutique”, and Sunday’s event was all about showcasing State of Grace’s bespoke wedding designs.

Lucia’s passion for celebrating your own style is evident right through to the tiniest detail. Not only does she create the most fabulous gowns, very much inspired by the glamour of vintage Hollywood, but her expertise stretches to every aspect of styling you for your perfect day, from shoes to accessories to hair & make-up.

We truly felt like Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant would walk in any second, such was the glamour factor of the event!

As you know, bride&glory’s mission is to help you plan and live exactly the wedding you want, not the one other’s might tell you to have. We want you to shake off the feeling of having to twist and bend into pretzels to fit into what some parts of the wedding industry may want you to believe is “the done thing”.

Of course, some compromises will always have to be made, be it for budgetary reasons or the time of year and location of your wedding. But, wherever restrictions may apply, you should still walk away feeling happy and confident with your decisions and choices.

Don’t just follow what everybody else is doing because you think it’s safe. Celebrate your individuality!

If a bespoke gown is what you have your heart set on, you simply must see Lucia and her team for a consultation to get inspiration for what is possible. As she said on Sunday, the fabulous dresses showcased were just the beginning. Imagine them in 150 different colours, tailored to show off your figure in its best light.

And please please don’t be disheartened if your budget can’t be stretched as far as a bespoke dress. You can feel just as “million dollars” by wearing shoes that were custom made for you (imagine being able to define  your own heel size!) or a piece of jewellery designed to represent your very own style. Never underestimate the difference a few well chosen accessories and details can make!

Why don’t you take a look at some examples from Lucia’s amazing treasure trove:

And don’t forget, this is of course just the start of it. There are hundreds of little ways to make sure your personalities and style shine through on the day and help make it a truly unforgettable occasion.

But let’s leave that to next time – we know you are busy brides and grooms to be and wouldn’t want to overwhelm you.

Until then, be fabulous!


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