how I work

You may have read my waffling on about bride&glory’s mission to focus entirely on you as a bride & groom and to make sure your vision of your wedding day is turned into reality.

I’d love to skip this part and jump straight into talking venues, food trucks and all things pretty, but needs must, so here are a few points to explain how bride&glory works with you when planning and coordinating your wedding day.

with b&g’s compliments

I believe that you can only really decide if you need a wedding planner, never mind which one may be right for you, once you have met them face-to-face. So why not meet with me for a chat to explore how bride&glory could help you along the stages of planning your wedding?

Needless to say (but I’ll do it anyway): this service is complimentary.

mix & match

Every couple bride&glory works with is unique, which is why I don’t offer tiered packages you have to squeeze yourselves into. My approach is to listen closely to work out which areas you’d like help with and then calculate the cost of the service based on b&g’s standard hourly rate. That way, you know exactly what you’re paying for and can mix and match elements how they best suit you and your budget.

To give you some ideas: this could be a one-off session to set you off on the right track if you have just gotten engaged or help you find specific suppliers or venues. Or, the most popular option with a lot of our brides and grooms: you’re happy to plan the details yourself, but still want the benefit of someone to relieve you off your event management duties come your wedding day. You could also simply be insanely busy at work and therefore need someone to help you plan the details of your wedding from scratch. Either way, bride&glory is your Go-to Girl to make it all happen.

location, location, location

I understand that where you live may not always be where you want to get married. A lot of brides and grooms choose to go back to where they grew up or use the occasion to celebrate at their favourite place on earth. I’ve planned weddings from Scotland down to Surrey and many places in between so no matter where you live or want to get hitched, bride&glory can help you plan and coordinate your wedding anywhere in the UK. Or elsewhere, for that matter – I did help plan a wedding in Austria a few years back.

communication is the key

I’m a mammoth believer in the power of communication. Life is just so much easier when people talk! As much as I love talking, I also have rather big ears – ideally built for listening to you to understand exactly who you are, what you have your heart set on, what is worrying you and how I can best help make sure that planning and living your wedding day is the delightful doddle it should be.

the best laid plans…

With the most detailed preparation and planning, there are some factors you simply can’t control such as the weather, people falling ill etc. Don’t despair! To ensure that nothing could possibly interfere with your day running smoothly and being unforgettable for all the right reasons, with bride&glory there will always be Plan B (and C, and D, and E…) somewhere hidden up my sleeve.