fetcham bridal masterclass spotlight | sharon roberts

Feb 12, 2013


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I can’t believe we’re almost there. Only a few more days and we shall be greeting you all at Fetcham’s beautiful doors, glass of Champagne in hand. A few more preps to go until then, not least to introduce you the wonderful Sharon Roberts

If you want perfect hair on your wedding day, Sharon’s your gal. She has over twenty years experience in hairdressing, a head full of creative ideas and may even spill the beans on how to backcomb without ending up with a birds nest!


Photography by Juliet McKee.

I always wanted to be a hairdresser. My mum is one,  so it’s in my blood.

I got all of my backcombing  tips  from her. I used to set my dolls hair in rollers and play ‘salon’. Wedding hair has always been my passion. Whilst other hairdressers, in the salons I worked in, used to avoid doing updo’s etc,  I jumped at the chance.



I genuinely  want the best for my brides , and when they say ‘that’s how I imagined it looking  in my head’  that makes my day.  My advice to brides is choose the person that is the hairdresser.  If you like them, you will feel at ease, be able to communicate what you want without feeling intimidated.


Photography by Juliet McKee.

I love the colours pink & purple, eat far too much chocolate, I also love  Proscecco, The Wire, The West Wing, Greys Anatomy (but am a McSteamy gal) and I would wear a tulle skirt every day given half a chance!

Come see me on Sunday and I may just spill some of those backcombing tips – especially for you.


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