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Feb 6, 2013


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And today’s spotlight shines on the gorgeous Anneli Marinovich – our favourite girl-next-door and photographer extraordinaire.


Anneli is a professional UK & Destination wedding photographer who is best described by the simple fact that she genuinely loves her job!

6399_479187115453495_1126580747_nI first met Anneli in 2011, when we ‘shared’ a couple. Anneli got in touch and then came all the way up to the Chapel on what turned out to be a gloriously sunny autumn day. We went out with the hound, drank lots of frothy coffee, nattered for hours and Anneli even took some gorgeous shots. What a fantastic idea of hers: not only did we get to know each other, which meant come wedding day we worked together to perfection, but I got a selection of fantastic photos for my portfolio too. Win-win-win.

But you see, that’s just the kinda gal Anneli is: incredibly generous and terrifically thoughtful.

She is also pure joy to work with, a true professional and you can guarantee that she will always go that extra mile to make sure her couples are blissfully happy with her work. Seriously – do you know another wedding photographer who specifically does weight training just to make sure her arms never tire of holding the camera so she doesn’t miss that extra-special shot? That’s what I call dedication to the job. And it makes me very jealous of her pretty, pretty arms.

Anneli’s fresh and natural approach to photography captures the unique story of every wedding effortlessly. With a finely honed eye for detail, emotion & colour, her images are timeless and vibrant – cherished memories for decades to come.

Marcus-Jess-Great-Barn-Devon-Wedding-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-489         Marcus-Jess-Great-Barn-Devon-Wedding-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-294

Anneli and I share the same ethos and views on many things, which is part of why working with her is such bliss. It’s always easiest to work with people who sing off the same hymn sheet.

Aside from the fact that we both love, love, LOVE our jobs, we both strongly believe that they (the jobs, that is) put us in a highly privileged position. It’s an honour to be asked to be involved in someone’s wedding day. Of course, you should always do your best at any job you do, but the pressure that comes with a wedding day and the associated expectations is yet another level.

Anneli truly understands that. Throwing in her utterly charming personality and experience of handling wedding day emotions, she will help to keep everyone calm & collected throughout the day.

Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-Holly-Gareth-Wedding-00552  Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-Leela-Sam-Parkstead-House-Wedding-1100  Marcus-Jess-Great-Barn-Devon-Wedding-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-513

So whether you’re still looking for a photographer or not, you won’t want to miss meeting Anneli on the 17th Feb at our Fetcham Park Bridal Masterclass. She’ll let you in on a few tips of how to get the most out of your wedding photography and I guarantee you’ll just love her as much as we all do.

Shall we book your space for the 17th then?

For more details on Anneli, have a nose through her website and read up on her story here.

See you tomorrow, when the spotlight will be on the incomparable and epically cool Miss Bush.

— Anna

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