essentially bride&glory

It’s a balancing act! You’re busy brides and grooms who don’t have time to read the equivalent of the Encyclopedia Britannica to find out everything about bride&glory. Yet how could you decide whether we might be a perfect match (excuse the terrible pun) if I don’t tell you what b&g is all about? Well – this might help:

what I am

wedding planning is my profession, not a hobby
almost embarrassingly (in)famous for an obsession with details
I’d just love to show you 872534 alternatives to sugared almonds
managing events is what I do best (although I’m pretty good with the frog tape too)
your Go-to Girl for all things weddings

and do

mix & match
b&g is flexible – pick the tasks you like & I take care of the rest
eliminate stress
so you have time to enjoy a fabulous engagement & a glorious wedding day
learning all about you and your expectations is how I can do the best job possible
plan b
I’ll think of it (and put it in place, if necessary) so you don’t have to
focus on you
I only ever book one wedding per date so you will always come first

what I am not

there’s no way around it: this is YOUR day, not mine. You call the shots.
hiring bride&glory really doesn’t need to cost an arm and/or a leg
you can see as little or as much of me as you want
a wedding planner really isn’t just reserved for the rich and famous
when it comes to weddings, there are enough people like that already

and do not do

design your event
those are the best bits – why would I take them away from you
I solemnly vow that you’ll never see me running in heels
categorise you
whatever your need, I will tailor my services accordingly
I just don’t take them
give up
never surrender! at least not until you’re beyond happy