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Mar 22, 2012


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We did our usual ‘networking bit’ yesterday and, amongst a group of busy women, a conversation kicked off about the benefits of social networking and blogging.

Those of you who follow bride&glory on Facebook and/or Twitter know that we’re pretty active when it comes to sharing short blasts of information and wedding trivia. Bit of a confession though: we sometimes struggle to believe that, in the scope of your jam-packed days, you can really find the time to read (yet another) wedding planning blog. There are just so many out there.

We truly love our job! Our entire world revolves around taking the pressure out of planning and, even more importantly, living your wedding day. So, going all coy here, we think part of our reluctance to blog regularly is that we don’t want to ‘burden’ you with yet more information to take in. We’ve never been very good at the whole ‘shouting from the rooftops’ self-promotion kinda thing. We’re far too ‘stiff upper lip’ for that – we really just want to get on and do our job.

The wonderful business women pointed out though that our blog is so much a reflection of who we are and what we do, it would be a crime (slight artistic licence here!) to miss this vital opportunity of letting you in on our weird and wonderful world of wedding planning.

Perhaps it IS time to go a tad more American on you and drop the British self-deprecation by a notch or two.

So if you like what you see, subscribe to our blog to get to know bride&glory a little better. And share the blog love – to steal one of my fellow networker’s phrase! If you like what you read and believe that what we have to say about all things weddings may be interesting (or at the very least entertaining) for people you know, tell them about us.

And please do comment on anything and everything that hits a note with you or raises questions. We adore feedback, suggestions, criticism – anything to do with you, really.

The biggest lesson we learnt yesterday was that it’s your time and how very dare we question whether you’re interested in our bride and glorious world. You decide whether you want to sit down with a cup of tea and read up on our musings – all we can do is put it all out there.

So hooray to sharing the wedding blog love and getting to know you all better!

Love, love, love,


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