choices, choices…

Bespoke, Baby! Although every service bride&glory offers is tailored to each bride and groom’s needs, I thought it might be useful to give you an idea of what options there are, what other people choose and, of course, rough guidelines to the costs you could expect to show you that getting bride&glory wedding planning on board is by no means out of reach.

Have a look at some of my sample services. And bear in mind that of course, all my services are inter-linked and existing client discounts are applied for follow-up bookings or added hours.

with b&g’s compliments

It’s true, you don’t need a wedding planner but you may well want one. So if you’re toing and froing whether to get a wedding planner on board, spend an hour with bride&glory. You can get to know me and the way I work and it might just give you a better idea whether having b&g by your side could make all the difference to you being a calm & collected bride and groom.

And the best news is: this bit is free. Usually, I’d book you in for a Skype date but if you’d prefer to meet in person, you’re always welcome at the b&g Chapel. Frothy coffee and scrumptious cake included, of course!

planning kick-start

Perfect for couples who just got engaged and would like to get a better idea of how bride&glory can help. Have you just bought your first ever wedding magazines and ended up utterly overwhelmed by the choices and details planning a wedding involves? Lost in wedding blog world?

Tadah – bride&glory to the rescue: I will spend two hours with you to set you off on the right track. Like everything I do, this session is tailored to your requirements, which I will discuss with you beforehand to make sure you get the most out of your time with me. And to make sure you don’t have to remember everything right there and then, it is part of this service to send you a checklist detailing what we have discussed and the next steps for you following our meeting.

Guide price: £192

supplier sourcing

If you just don’t have time to find the right supplier for the right flowers, shoes, favours, cake, sky candles or want recommendations you can trust – don’t worry, I’ll find them for you.

Guide price: £144 (per supplier)

venue sourcing

Needless to say, finding the right venue is a huge part of your wedding day being just the way you want it to be. Unless you already know the right place, chances are you don’t have time to hunt high and low, schedule appointments and spend weekends driving around on recces.

That’s fine, you just tell me what you’re looking for, I do the groundwork and then draw up a shortlist of up to 3 options. That’s the gist of it – and if you are particularly time-poor and would like bride&glory’s help with on-site inspections, negotiating contracts etc, I can of course include that too.

Guide price: from £240

invitation coordination

Can’t bear the thought of managing the guest list or chasing up ever-elusive rsvps? Worried your handwriting or ribbon-tying skills aren’t quite up to scratch? Simply not enough hours in the day? I’ll take over any part of the invitation management process you don’t want to worry about. Behold bride&glory’s stationery cupboard!

Guide price: from £288

hold my hand

You don’t think you need someone to be physically by your side but would love to have a sympathetic ear on the other end of the phone/email when you are worried or need advice? Hooray to modern technology – I can do all that too. On the phone, via email, instant chat or webcam Skype – bride&glory will be there to hold your hand. Think of it as similar to a “pay-as-you-go” package: you purchase an allowance of our time and withdraw from it as and when you need us.

Guide price: from £96

manic panic

It’s some time around the 6-10 week countdown mark, you’ve done brilliantly up until now but have gotten to the point where you can see yourself getting increasingly stressed out, spending sleepless nights worrying about things you may have forgotten or that could go wrong. My advice is simple – just don’t do it to yourself!

I’ve seen many a bride and groom literally worry themselves sick, ending up utterly exhausted on their wedding day. There’s no need for it. Hand over the final elements of organisation and coordination to bride&glory so you can get your beauty sleep knowing everything will be exactly as you planned it. And of course, the coordination on the day is part and parcel of this – I will not leave your side until you have walked down that aisle and danced the funky chicken.

Guide price: from £2,400

calm, cool & collected

Think of this as similar to “first things first”, only on the other side of the process. You are confident you have thought of everything but would quite like someone with a bit more experience to have a quick look over your plans – just to make sure? bride&glory will happily spend 2 hours with you talking through your wedding day and double-checking nothing has been missed out. As with “first things first”, this includes a post-meeting report so you don’t have to remember everything during our meeting.

Guide price: £240

wedding day (on the day) coordination

Your wedding day is just around the corner, you are insanely proud of all the TLC and hard work you have put into planning and preparing for it, but would now quite like pass on the responsibility for making sure everything goes to plan so you can concentrate on being a delightfully relaxed bride and groom.

Tadah once more – just hand over to bride&glory. Acting on your behalf and strictly according to your guidelines, I will become the point of liaison (aka the ‘operational you’) for your suppliers from two/three weeks prior to your wedding day, so you don’t waste your precious time having to re-confirm the smallest details time and time again. And of course, I’m there on the day itself, as long as you need me, making sure everything is just as it should be and your day runs smoothly. My extensive SOS kit (blister plasters, seeing kit, hammer n’ all) is a complimentary part of this.

Guide price: from £1,500

the whole nine yards

I once worked with a couple who were living overseas but wanted to come back to England to get married. Cue almost a year of intense planning, dozens of Skype sessions and me being their eyes & ears on English ground while they were planning from thousands of miles away. If you’re in a similar position or perhaps just too busy to do it all yourselves, bride&glory can of course help throughout the whole process of planning your wedding too. It’s your call – I’ll do as much or as little as you need me to.