charmed at the Chanric Inn

Apr 12, 2011


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After yesterday’s ‘lesson in wedding budgeting’, here’s the first in the line-up of promised ‘pretty’ blog posts. Enjoy – we certainly did!

So bride&glory have made it back to the English side of the pond – still full of beans and inspiration, having met some fabulous ‘wedding people’ and stayed at some amazing places.

One of them is the enchanting Chanric Inn in Calistoga, the northern part of Napa Valley.

From the second you pick up the phone to book to the moment you leave (tearfully waving a handkerchief as you do), you are in the capable and caring hands of the fabulous proprietors:
Channing McBride (right) and Ric Pielstick (left).

It is really no surprise that it is a Condé Nast Johansens Recommended Hotel. The building itself has been lovingly restored and the guest rooms are beautifully & thoughtfully decorated. In fact, there’s a sense of serenity that envelopes you the second you step through the door, making you feel all calm and collected.

Once you have managed to leave the comfort of your luxuriously plush bed, Ric (the chef and master of their deliciously stylish kitchen) will serve you a 3-course brunch that easily trumps a lot of the supposedly ‘fine dining’ experiences we have been offered over the course of our careers.

Between them, Channing and Ric have perfected the art of anticipating their guests every need whilst never intruding on your privacy. We challenge you to find a place where you will be looked after better than at the Chanric Inn.

We wanted to know more about them and the motivation behind the Chanric Inn – and here’s what they told us:

“When we opened the Chanric our mission was to create the “space” for couples to nourish their relationship and take it to the next level. It’s an intimate space where people can forget the stress of everyday life and renew their spirits. We knew we’d done just that when we received a thank you note from a couple shortly after opening. They wrote that their original intention when they came here was to complete/end their relationship. However, being in this uniquely nourishing environment they saw new common ground, rekindled their love for each other and decided not to divorce. They enclosed a picture of themselves with their two beautiful little daughters. It was very moving. We’ve since heard many similar stories, each one unique and extraordinary.”

If you’re ever heading to Napa Valley, we insist you book in a visit at the Chanric Inn. We’ll eat our socks if you don’t love it as much as we do!

Have a look for yourself:

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Check back in tomorrow when we’ll dazzle you with Euphoria’s sensational collection of bespoke bridal accessories.



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