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Oct 25, 2012



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If you saw me right now, you’d be looking at one tired yet ecstatically happy wedding planner.

When we first came up with it, we had no idea whether there would be enough interest in an event of this kind and whether the format was going to work. But if you don’t try, you don’t know – so we did. Try, that is.

From all the happy faces last night and the incredibly nice messages that have been pouring in, I don’t think it’s too bold to call it a success.

To quote one bride, the utterly lovely Laura Trethewey:
“Firstly, just wanted to say thank you for a fun evening yesterday! Melinda and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and in a world where eyes start glaze over during wedding talk it was nice to be amongst people who were genuinely interested! I should also add that your vanillekipferl and lemon keks were delicious!!”

Hooray! My early Christmas baking obsession came in handy, for once. Someone tell my mum, please!

Of course, the setting at Johanna Hehir’s London Boutique couldn’t have been more beautiful and having a glass of fizz in hand always helps, at least it does me. The truffle popcorn seemed to go down very well too – still one of my all time fave San Francisco discoveries (even if it almost killed my microwave).

We kept it relaxed and intimate.

If they felt like it, our brides perused Johanna’s breathtaking collections, with Jo and her team of incredibly talented, knowledgeable and lovely ‘little helpers’ standing by to give advice. Once everybody had mingled happily, it was time for me to bring out my b&g SOS kit – aka my trusted F&M hamper that comes with me to every wedding. Who knew talking cable ties, hammers, tailor’s chalk, blister plasters, heal stoppers and the like could be such fun. It was just glorious to see brides interact and share advice amongst each other without having that dreaded “is it just me or…” sensation.

And it all just looked so pretty. I had raided the b&g stock and brought along some of my favourite treasures and plenty of candles (in my view, you can never have enough candle light) for ambience.

Of course, the amazing Rebecca of Gingerlily Flowers had sent me on the way with some of her fabulous fleurs, not least if which the stunning wreath – which I can now admit is sitting on the Chapel living room table, being gazed at lovingly by me.

And if you don’t know about them yet, you must have a look at the most stunning brooch & button bouquets I’ve ever laid eyes on. On loan by the gorgeous Jinder of The Finer Details – who arrived just in time for some cello-advice for our ‘goodie bag wrapping production line’.

Speaking of which, I will eat my boot if the brides didn’t like their goodie bags – there wasn’t a cake pop left in the house, all thanks to the delicious (literally) Andrea of Sugar. Heaven – and so so generous!

Well, in the spirit of ‘a picture says more than a thousand words’, here are some shots by the impossibly talented Kate Hopewell-Smith – you truly rock, Doll!

Oh, and watch out peeps – after last night I may well be taking this show on the road so there might just be a mini-masterclass near you some time soon…

Toodle pip,


Food, glorious food.


Gingerlily Fleurs.




b&g SOS kit in action.


The wonderful Johanna – and a mahoosive hug.


Divine brooch & button bouquets by The Finer Details.


The SOS kit is ‘inspected’ thoroughly.


Lush little goodie bags in my favourite ‘tin’.



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