Apr 15, 2011


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Contrary to popular belief, a lot of a wedding planner’s life is spent away from cake-tasting & champagne fountain trials and in front of spreadsheets and to-do lists, furrowed brow and all. But we’re not complaining – our decade of corporate event management prepared us for this and, quite geeky, but we like that part of our work. Give us more lists!

Last Friday though, we indulged in the ‘pretty side’ of our work and spent a dazzling afternoon in the company of the gloriously vivacious Sarah FitzGerald of Euphoria Couture fame. Such a cliché, but how could a girl resist a room filled with the most intricately designed and beautifully handcrafted jewellery.

We’re not at all snooty and love a sparkling high-street bargain as much as the next girl. But every once in a while, and particularly for a special occasion, the feeling of wearing an heirloom or bespoke piece of jewellery is unrivaled. It’s like putting on heels and make-up – it’ll make you stand taller, walk prouder and feel simply fabulous.

Which is precisely where Euphoria come into play. Founded by mother and daughter team, Marlene Molloy (mum) and Sarah FitzGerald (daughter), Euphoria came about almost accidentally. Born out of a mad love for jewellery, an extraordinarily creative mind and a sublime gift for intricate handiwork, Euphoria is the answer to your wedding accessory prayers.

Euphoria work only with the most original and high quality elements, mainly sourced from 1920’s-1950’s jewellery. Although the entire collection is on show, Sarah & Marlene will help you find the bridal accessories to perfectly match your face shape, your hairstyle and your dress. Once a style has been chosen, your piece of jewellery will be handcrafted to your bespoke requirements (such as colour or components).

It really doesn’t get any better than that. Some of Euphoria’s creations are so astonishingly beautiful, it’s no wonder nearly everyone who walks through the door shrieks (in a not very sophisticated manner) out of sheer delight. Excuse us for being all ‘ye-olde-worlde’ but in a throw-away society like ours, it is magical to see heirloom pieces produced with such love and care.

Sarah and Marlene are utter joy to spend time with and/or speak to (and no, they haven’t paid us to say this – not even in jewellery). In a world of often ever so slightly patronizing wedding suppliers, it’s blissful to meet people so genuinely excited about and proud of the work they do. Sarah’s effervescence is infectious (we walked away clapping our hands like 4-year olds) and Marlene’s wonderfully calm voice makes you feel like you’re in the best hands you could ever be.

I know you’ll think we’re exaggerating but this is genuinely how we feel. Having seen Euphoria’s jewellery before actually meeting the people who create the magic, we knew we loved what they did. What we didn’t anticipate was that we’d fall in love with them as much as we already had with their products.

But why trust our words – go and convince yourselves that we speak the truth…

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