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Feb 23, 2017


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Hello, Possums!

After the most spectacular b&g blog hibernation, it was going to take something pretty bigly to dust off the imaginary fountain pen and take to the page again. I guess that’s what I get for booking 70 weddings in 30 months – something had to give, and in my case, life was more ruled by ops files and wedding preps than trying to be witty and charming on virtual paper.

But what could possibly be so important that it’s publish-worthy after all these months?

The b&g family is packing up and moving to Denmark. Hurrah!

Mr b&g has been working in Copenhagen for the last two years, commuting back and forth on Mondays and Fridays courtesy of Easy Jet (which, oh so ironically, has been cheaper than taking a train into London – go figure). So far, so very 21st Century. It’s what you do for the right job, no?

But then here comes the snag: with me working at least 30 weekends of the year, not just weddings but site visits, couple planning meetings and all that snazzy stuff, we’ve seen each other on average about a day and a half per week. And, much as I worship my job, my whimsical little furry family comes first and that, Ducklings, simply ain’t enough time to spend together. We realised just how much of the ‘normal’ day-to-day things we were missing out on when I spent a few weeks over there in October. Two bottles of wine and some toing &froing later and the Danish plot started to thicken.

So we’ll be renting out the Chapel, packing up the dawgs and going on a ‘Living Danishly’ adventure for a wee while. Squeeeeeee! If all goes to plan, we should be heading over come 1st May.

But what about b&g? The good news is that, thanks to bargain flights and a shared office base at the B.LOVED.HIVE in London, I’ll still be running bride&glory, albeit from Denmark not Bucks, which I promise you’ll barely notice.

There are some other exciting potions brewing in my weird and wonderful wedding cauldron though. Wedding Day Coordination has become practically part of my DNA and I’ll keep working with couples, but on a reduced scale. It will help me ‘liberate’ some of the weekends I’d otherwise spend fixing portaloos, talking cantankerous Israeli chefs off the ‘thatchickenthighaintcooked’ ledge and stopping marquee-chandeliers from having lift off in gale force winds.

Instead, I will dedicate all that spare time I’ll have (yeah, right) to offering a wider range of workshops for budding wedding planners and couples getting married. We made another mini-film to explain a little more, have a look? There’ll be workshops run from the b.loved hive in London, perhaps even the odd one from Copenhagen. Scandi Mini-Break, anyone? I’m also plotting webinars based on some of my experiences over the last couple of years. Not to go all Mystic Meg on you – it would be too much to tackle here but let’s just say some serious small business owner lessons have been learned and I’d love to pass them on.

And then there’s the writing. Oh, how I’ve missed it! Give me just a little bit of time, and I’ll be able to re-commit to writing features for wedding blogs and so much more. Possibly even a blog chronicling our “Be More Danish” adventure? Because frankly, my Dear, we could all do with being a little more Danish.

Oh, and if you need a Scandi Correspondent, I’ll be your gal. Ducklings, I’m simply brimming with ideas and excitement!

If you want to see where this story takes us, hop over to Instagram and find us as “Be More Danish”, right on time for our very first Danish house hunting trip tomorrow.

And because life is always team work: Thank you Tarah Coonan, you scrumptious marvel, for the pictures. Thank you, Debbie at Red Hound for Dogs for the beastly bandanas. Thank you B at Poppoppapier for our Danish balloon.

Toodles and love from an unexpectedly (guess who brought the wrong shoes again) snowy Copenhagen,

— Mr & Mrs b&g



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