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Mar 1, 2010


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Far be it from us to want to scare you, but we’ve had a few questions in this area lately and thought we’d say a few “official” words.

Planning your wedding is a fabulously exciting task and, if you have just started, be prepared for endless hours of letting your creativity run wild.

We have met many brides and grooms who managed to keep the perfect balance between making sure every little detail of their day would go according to plan whilst remembering to have fun planning – and enjoy their engagement (trust us, it’ll be over quicker than you could possibly imagine).

Be prepared though that it can also be a time where emotions run wild and not everyone is necessarily always as supportive as you’d hope they would be. Family members and friends can be quite quick at dispensing with their opinions and, whilst you’re running around frantically trying to keep everyone happy, relationships can become frazzled.

On top of that, you’ll have to handle suppliers in areas you don’t necessarily have vast amounts of experience in – no wonder planning your wedding can become trying at times.

This is where a wedding planner can come to the rescue (we’ve talked a little about this in the “why us” section under “buffer zone”).

A good wedding planner doesn’t just come fully armed with a clipboard and endless check-lists to take some of the pressure off you. He or she will at times almost act as a therapist and be happy to help you keep your calm and the overall peace when you’re stuck in the middle of feuding family members and bustling vendors.

Hopefully you won’t, but if you ever get to the point of panicking, rest assured that us wedding planners are out there, happy to help in an instant. We’ll make sure you’ll spend your nights getting your well-deserved beauty sleep rather than worrying about where to seat that particularly cantankerous uncle or how to explain that, beautiful as it maybe, you’d rather not wear your great-aunt’s moth-eaten wedding dress.

Until next time, be fabulous!


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