and just how do you fit a wedding planner into your budget?

Mar 15, 2012


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Oh what a gloriously sunny day! Spring is springing and we’re beyond excited at the Chapel. Time to redecorate Penelope soon! But we digress – as always.

Today, we want to talk about good old money. One of the common misconceptions about ‘us’ planners is that engaging our services will cost an arm & a leg, and possibly a number of other body parts. So here’s a bit of Myth Spring Cleaning: we don’t!

We at bride&glory – and most of the planners who share a similar ethos to ours – will not squeeze your bridal bottoms into a set package but will instead happily tailor their services to your needs. That way, you can pick & choose which services you need the most and how to best fit them into your overall budget.

It doesn’t always have to come straight out of your wedding budget though.

We here at the Chapel are often called on by parents of brides & grooms who, seeing how the final stages of planning are taking their toll on the couple, propose to book the help of a planner as a wedding present. We think it’s a great idea – after all, who needs another set of Le Creuset when you could instead have someone to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly? For a better idea of how we do this, please see our previous post

Another very clever way of easing the financial strain and ‘lightening the load’ is to ask your guests for ‘wedding planner hours’ as part of your wedding presents. A lot of brides & grooms already do a similar thing by asking for contributions towards their honeymoon, so why not look at it in a similar way? Trust us – any investment into your wellbeing & sanity prior to your wedding day is more than worth its weight in gold.

And for the very forward-thinking of you, you can already start the trend once you’ve gotten engaged. Instead of a bottle of expensive Champagne, ask your family and/or friends to invest in a couple of hours with a wedding planner to get you started off on the right foot, rather than having to jump into an, at times, scarily confusing wedding world ‘cold turkey’.

Planning your wedding can be the most glorious time of your engaged lives but, like every other complex organisational task, it needs a bit of forward thinking to make it as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Just think about it in a similar way to planning a family Christmas – only with more added pressure.

So throw overboard your inhibitions and come talk to us!

(Photo by Anneli Marinovich)

The Chapel doors are always open, there’s frothy coffee & cake (gotta have cake!) and we’d love to have you. And, as you hopefully know, there’s no obligation to proceed if you find you don’t need a wedding planner after all or that perhaps we’re not quite right for you (we are a bit bouncy sort of ‘shiny happy people’ – or effervescent, more sophisticatedly put).

Love, love, love,


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