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Aug 4, 2014



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So – let’s just politely ignore the fact that I haven’t written a blog post for well over a year and dive right in, shall we? Oh noodles! It’s a shameful excuse, right up there with ‘the dog ate my homework’, but bride&glory has made a few leaps and bounds over the past 15-odd months and, with 22 weddings in 2014 alone, my b&g baby has kept me busy.

I’m back (tadah!) and have made it a priority to revive the blog though so please keep on checking in, not least so you can give me the mother of all telling-offs if I fall short of my best laid weekly blogging plans.

There’s a reason I’ve felt inspired to write now, and it’s that I’ve recently had the privilege to work with a fantastically kind couple and a team of suppliers that made a pretty darn big day feel like it was barely hard work at all. It has shone a simply blinding light on the importance of surrounding yourself with the right team, it really can make or break your wedding day.

You know I’m prone to hyperbole so prepare for the saccharine overload I’m about to serve.

Kalm Kitchen
One of my longstanding love affairs, virtually unbeatable in pretty much all areas, from Jen’s inspired styling to James’ unparalleled culinary skills. KK have managed to pull together a team of outstandingly hard-working people who share one priority: to surpass any client’s expectations of their wedding day, no matter what it takes. Which makes working with them such bliss – it’s never a question of fighting over who gets the glory, just working together as one happy-clappy team to get the job done. If I didn’t come in a pack with a husband and a hound, I’d ask them to adopt me right now.

Micklefield Hall
Oh the lovely Anna and Jamie. Not only are Micklefield’s grounds the most beautiful setting for a wedding day (that ceremony by the temple – I rest my case), they welcomed me into their midst with open arms and an impromptu wedding day porridge breakfast. They have finely honed their venue running skills over 16 years, and it shows. Nothing can faze them, nothing is ever too much to ask, and the way they quietly look out for your needs, being in the right place at the right time without ever intruding on your event, couldn’t be more perfectly balanced. And best of all, you can tell they truly care about their couples, which I’m afraid isn’t something that can be said of all venues.

Micklefield Hall wedding photographer_0025

Sarah Legge Photography
Working in weddings, you’d expect for there to be quite a bit of love in the air, but with Sarah it was literally love at first sight when she pounced into my life on that wedding day. In my mind, there are two elements that make for a good wedding photographer: the mad skills (technically, artistically and in terms of handling a bunch of over-excitable wedding guests) and a personality that’s so lovely, it makes you want to hug them. Sarah rocks all of the above, and then some. I wish I could tell you I haven’t developed yet another girl-crush, but I’m afraid that’d be a lie. This job really should come with a health warning…

Mr Deceptionist
I’m not the biggest fan of magicians at events. There, I said it. Now enter Sav, aka Mr Deceptionist, and I’m converted. The most charming and stylish mentalist you’re likely to ever meet, his mind-bending card-sharking coin-tricking deceptions will leave you speechless. And trust me, coming from a skeptic like me, saying I’m sold and wish I could have his ice-breaking charm to hand at every event, pretty much counts double. Everybody needs a dose of Sav in their lives.

The Bootleg Beatles
This is it – whilst I’m outing myself I may as well admit that I don’t know all that much about the Beatles. Outrageous! I can practically see you hurling tomatoes at me. But even the heathen that is me knew that having the Bootleg Beatles play at this wedding was a pretty epic deal. What I was highly unprepared for was the fact that, fame ‘n all, the entire Bootleg Team was such joy to work with. Completely ego-less and happy to jump in and help when we had a technical glitch. That’s more than I’ve seen some far lesser bands do – thank you for literally rocking the night.

The Liquid Strings
I first worked with the Liquid Strings about four years ago and couldn’t have loved Brian and his team any more, not just for their utmost professionalism but for never once losing their sense of humour, no matter how many dancing children, boisterous Italians and location changes we hurled at them. And they came to the rescue once again, in the form of the amazing Thom, who not only stole the bride’s heart with his beautiful voice but couldn’t have been any more lovely to work with on the day. Self-sufficient, nonintrusive, charming – Thom just got on with the job and vowed everyone in the process.

Create Cocktails
And because someone’s got to be last but so very not least, I’m not sure how we would have done it without the never-ending ice supplies and never-faltering smiles of the Create Cocktails Team. Quenching the thirsts of a large(ish) number of guests, most of them used to the flaring and cocktail-mixing skills of the best bartenders in town, is one thing. Doing all of that on a sweltering day in a marquee is quite another. At the risk of sounding like a wannabe cool kid, Create’s professionalism, expertise and stupendously hard-working team smashed it – and thank you for looking after Sarah and I with our very own non-alcoholic ‘picker-upper’.

Love, rockets and Pitchers of Pimms,

Mrs b&g


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