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Apr 19, 2012


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I just couldn’t help myself and had to give you a sneaky preview before it goes live ‘properly’. This will be the new section about my background – it’s a new me!

Whilst we’re working furiously on updating the content for the brideandglory Website, please don’t be deterred if you happen to click on any links or forms that temporarily don’t work – just give us a little time, it’ll all go live tomorrow afternoon so please check back then.

about Anna

Before you could even consider entrusting bride&glory with your wedding day, you might want to know a bit more about it, its credentials and how it all began.

The driving force behind bride&glory is me, Anna. Originally from Munich, Germany, I’ve been living in England for over 12 years and been thoroughly assimilated, not least by marrying a man in a kilt a few years ago. Go on, I dare you to pinpoint my accent in exchange for a Laduree black forest macaron!

I was lucky enough to be trained in the delicate art of event management in the world of Formula One, which is inarguably one of the most prestigious (and fastidious) environments to run events in. Contrary to popular belief, the motorsport world isn’t just about cars going round in circles – there’s a whole scope of different events like gala functions, PR stunts, media dinners and opening ceremonies.

Over the past twelve years I’ve been part of teams tasked with planning and coordinating events in the UK and overseas, some of them in Italy, China, the Middle East and the Caribbean, from 10 to 10,000 guests.

Successful events are seriously hard work (both mentally & physically) and simply not possible without meticulous planning, attention to the smallest details and lots (and lots) of lists.

And then I jumped ship

… and found myself in my very own bay. This may come as a surprise but I didn’t go into wedding planning because I love weddings but because I realised that, like any other event, planning and coordinating a wedding is not only glamorous but seriously hard work.

How are brides & grooms, some of whom have never even thrown a dinner party, suddenly supposed to take on the role of trained event manager, all whilst holding down full time jobs and remembering to enjoy their engagement and have a glorious wedding day?

Something’s gotta give – which is why so many brides & grooms end up stressed & exhausted rather than happily relaxed come their wedding day. I’m a mushy romantic and would like all couples to be able to focus on promising to spend the rest of their lives together, rather than whether the chair covers really do match the napkins.

Cue my ‘tadah’-moment, the birth of bride&glory and its mission to de-frazzle the fabulous brides & grooms of the UK.

bride&glory is one of the loves of my life, coming third only to Calum (aka Mr b&g,) and Barley (aka the b&g Doodle). I run the business full time from our small & crumbling (former) Chapel in Bucks, where the doors are always open for visitors.

So if you like what you’ve seen, don’t be shy! I’d love to meet you too so go on, pick up that phone and call me so we can have cake and you can tell me all about the plans for your wedding day.

Anna & Barley (the b&g dog) at the Chapel

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