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May 10, 2012


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This gorgeous couple is especially close to my heart because I got almost a year to get to know them – albeit from thousands of miles away. They were living in Bangkok at the time and needed some on-the-ground help over here to plan their wedding(s) back home. Plenty of Skype and huge hugs when we met in person, at last.

I had asked them for a testimonial for a while – now I understand why it took a few months. The time, care and consideration that has gone into writing this is simply humbling and I’m truly grateful. I always ask the bride&glory couples to tell me what they liked and disliked about the way I work – it’s the only way to improve. The testimonial below is precisely what helps me to  do that and, if you want bride&glory in a nutshell, this is it.

So in their own words – Louise & Steve:

It’s hard to know where to begin, perhaps the most important thing that Bride and Glory did for us was help us to feel at ease when planning, what turned out to be, two weddings!  Making us feel that is was not a daunting affair, we worried it would be, trying to organise it from eight thousand miles away.  We felt secure that everything was going to work out great and that you, Anna, could be implicitly relied upon.

From our very first Skype call with you our instincts led us to believe that you were the genuine article and going to save the day or in fact days as we found out a month later when the problem arose of legalities surround marrying in England.  Your friendly, amenable and honest personality shone through.

Throughout the lead-up to the wedding your efficient, meticulous and personable approach to planning enabled us to feel calm and confident.  We felt well informed and, being a talker, I greatly appreciated our weekly Skype calls.  We also thought the summaries of our conversations, i.e. what had been arranged and the next items to be actioned were vital to help us remember so many small details in the mass of organisation.  The workbook you put together meant we really could see how manageable organising the whole event was going to be; this was reassuring.

We were completely clueless when embarking on the planning of a wedding and felt you were knowledgeable and well prepared before our conversations about the next item on the to-do manifesto.

Knowing that at times we appeared laid back and indecisive, you politely guided us with haste that was necessary but so subtle it generally went unnoticed by us. You were only ever resourceful and never let a hiccup get the better of you; there was always something you had up your sleeve to overcome it.  This meant we had confidence and didn’t doubt your ability to get us out of a difficult situation.  You were patient and composed, even when we couldn’t decide, which, out of the very many photographers you found, we would like to use.

Perhaps we might have liked to have secured the catering booking a little earlier as it would have spread the load of decision making, emails and Skype interviews we had around Feb/March (I think) time.  If we were doing it again, we would, even though it was early, liked to have got the ball rolling with that in Nov when the load was light.

The time you spent getting to know us meant the suggestions you made were very us, we couldn’t have done a better job ourselves.   I think this demonstrates how much you care about your clients and how much you value the wedding day and lead up to it.   Your intentions were only ever to ensure it was the best for us and we feel that you bring hope to the wedding industry. You stood by your word, and our wedding wasn’t part of the big money making scam that it is for so many others.  If the price was right you found it and that was certainly reflected by your modest fees.

We felt that you went out of your way for us, all the little extras*, those that we knew about, and those that we didn’t (the piper in Scotland!) were all things you didn’t have to do and it made us feel particularly special.  One would have thought that holding a day that is ‘all about you’ wasn’t already special enough; well you trumped that notion with your efforts.

I, right from the onset, was quite transparent about the fact that I wasn’t a girly girl and didn’t like the gushiness of the weddings. However, you thought of touches to the big day that I was surprised to discover I liked and that were just right for me (ones that boys just don’t get).   You added sophisticated details that pleased my mum to no end (she’s been trying to ‘sophisticate me’ for decades).

On the subject of family, this was another aspect that I thought you handled superbly.  Your management of family email conversations and questions was admirable, particularly those involving alcohol and especially those over great distances.  My father is a difficult man to impress and you were successful!

When I was home-hospital bound with my back you took up the slack and filled me with confidence that we could move forward and that I could rely on you. I am sincerely grateful.

We have had two truly marvellous extra-special weddings that came together in rather unique circumstances.  Added to that the many wonderful comments from our guests, one such declaring it was the best wedding they had ever been to, made our big days all that we hoped they could be and something that could not have happened without your fabulous work.

Thank you, and may your great vocational success continue.

Louise Crichton Bullock

*none of them were little and the list is long. I don’t need to list them. You know that we know what they are!

Louise & Steve – Captured by Lucy Stendall (www.lucystendallphotography.co.uk)


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