a bridal mini-masterclass with a fetcham park twist

Jan 21, 2013


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Happy 2013 Darlings! I hope the year has started off well for you and you’ve been busy making snow angels over the weekend.

Remember when I said we might take that Bridal Mini-Masterclass Show on the road? Weeeell – I couldn’t possibly be any more delighted to announce our latest collaborative masterplan.

The format is a little bigger than last time but the main message remains:

This is NOT an anonymous ‘sales-y’ show where we’ll try to talk you into buying any of our products or services – you will have had enough of those already. Instead, this is your chance to spend an afternoon with some of the leading names in the industry, people who are genuinely interested in your wedding stories and would love to pass their hard earned expertise on to you.

Diving into the world of weddings can be confusing and all of the people below share (at least) this one thing: the belief that it is our duty to help guide you through it and make the experience as much fun as it can be along the way.

We were bowled over by the feedback after the last event and are ecstatic that we get to do it again. Who knows, maybe smaller, intimate and, most importantly, personal gatherings like this could be the way forward.

Which brings me to our last point. Going hand in hand with the ethos above, it is our mission not to charge for entry to the Bridal Mini-Masterclass. This is our treat to you. What we would ask you though is to RSVP and, out of fairness (and for a dose of good karma), to let us know if your plans change and you can’t make it after all. Spaces are limited and if there’s a waiting list, at least it gives us the option to release your space to someone else.

To book, for directions and/or any other questions, please email:

As for the details? Tadah – here’s your ‘cast list’.

What is it?
Another Mini-Masterclass for brides-to-be. Get access to the tips & tricks of the trade that will help you live and love your wedding day with not a single frazzled nerve in sight.

When & where?
Sunday, 17th February 2013 | 2 to 5pm | At the simply stunning Fetcham Park

And who’ll be there?

Yours truly, Anna MacDougall of bride&glory

My trusty old bride&glory SOS kit basket will once again come out to play. I promise to regale you with tales of the tools (why, you quite rightly ask, is there an orange hammer in my kit?), let you in on my tricks that will help your wedding day run smoothly and answer any questions you might have.

The wonderful Laura Caudery of Parallel Venues
I don’t think it’s too bold to say that Fetcham Park is a venue like no other. Its architecture and décor are breathtakingly beautiful, of course, but it’s not ‘just’ that: the love and expertise with which Laura runs Fetcham are almost tangible the second you step inside. I dare you to not be bowled over instantaneously!

The delicious Jen Middlehurst of Kalm Kitchen
The Kalm Kitchen Team, who recently teamed up with Parallel Venues as one of their official catering partners, will rustle up (she says, flippantly) delectable treats for you. Woooosh – that’ll be the sound of my detox biting the dust…

The fantastically talented Anneli Marinovich
Anneli will work her lens magic to capture the afternoon for us and be on hand to give you her tips on how to get the most (and best) out of your wedding photography. Trust me – you won’t want to miss this.

Have we got your attention yet? Well – to round up the afternoon for you, we’ve also teamed up with these wonderful ‘wedding people’, who will be there to show off their finely honed skills and wares. There will be a host of mini-demos that will hopefully help to answer some of the questions on those endless bridal to-do lists of yours:

Emma Meek of Miss Bush Bridal Wear with a selection of stunning gowns

Gayle Evans of Bloomin’gayles and her breathtaking fleurs

Abigail Warner – the stationery queen whose altar us stationery-geeks worship at

Sharon Roberts – the Hair Styling Wizard you never knew you needed

Carolanne Armstrong, working her Make-up Magic (possibly with some kick ass red lipstick)

GC Couture Cakes – caketresses par excellence

Melisma – who will charm our collective ears with some beautiful live music

For individual supplier spotlights, check back in over the next weeks. There’s so much more to come!

Toodle pip,

— A

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